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Vank Cathedral (Vank Church)

Another historical, sumptuous monument of the beautiful Isfahan is Vank Cathedral (Vank church).

A place where according to the opinion of many people belongs to one of the most peaceful and pleasant, spectacular locations of Isfahan and itself is a little historical city in the heart of a historical city, which its greatness is the same as the half of the world.

Vank Cathedral is filled with many spectaculars and its point by point is interesting to see. If you like to get familiar with this historical building of Isfahan, be with us to go sightseeing in the alleys of Isfahan.

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The introduction of Vank Cathedral (Vank church)

Vank Cathedral is located in the south of Zayanderood and it’s one of the most glorious, tourist, religious, non-Islamic buildings of Iran that includes:

  • cathedral
  • library
  • museum
  • monument
  • administrative center
  • clock tower and bell
  • yard and store.

This complex is known by the name “Vank Cathedral” hat has an area equal to 8000 and 731 square meters along with the church of Bethlehem on the 300 meters of its east side, many people from all over the world, travel to Isfahan for visiting it.

Different parts of Vank church)

When you enter Vank Cathedral, on the two sides of you

  • there are spaces on the right side
  • there is a ticket selling shop and on the left side
  • there is a cathedral store that sells:
    • decorative things
    • precious objects
    • clothes
    • tourism books

After purchasing a ticket, you can enter a big enclosure where on the left side, the monument of the Armenian genocide by the caretaker government of the Ottoman in 1915 is visible.

After the monument, the library is located and at the end of the north side of the yard, the complex of the cathedral- the museum is visible in addition to books, manuscripts, and unique signboards that are in this museum, a drawing alleged to Rembrandt is also attracts the attention.

When you enter the door of museum, in front of the door, on the left side, there is a small signboard that shows the picture of Hazrat Abraham A.

On the right side, there is also the entrance of the bell tower and in front of the tower, the entrance door of the main structure of the cathedral is located.

Between this structure and bell tower, there are also tens of graves of famous Armenians who died years ago.

Which days is Vank Cathedral closed?

Vank Cathedral of Isfahan is closed these days: the transition to:

  • the Gregorian New Year from 12:30 (11th of Dey)
  • Christian New Year (12th of Dey)
  • the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ from 12:30 (16th of Dey)
  • the memorial day of deceased (18th of Dey)
  • the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran (22nd of Dey)
  • the saint Vardan (5th of Esfand)
  • the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA)
  • Nature day (13th of Farvardin)
  • Easter from 12:30 (26th of Farvardin)
  • the memorial day of Armenian martyrs (4th of Ordibehesht)
  • the departure of Hazrat Imam Khomeyni (14th of Khordad)
  • the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (A)
  • the martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadegh (A)
  • the day of Ab Pashan (first of Mordad),Tasoa Hosseini, Ashoura Hosseini,
  • the day of Armenian culture until 13 o’clock (22nd of Mehr)
  • the day of appellation of Vank Cathedral from 14 o’clock (first of Aban) Arbaein Hosseini
  • the departure of Hazrat Rasoul (S)
  • the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A) and Imam Reza (A)

On the days of the transition to Christian New Year, the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ, Easter, the day of Armenian Culture, and the day of appellation of Vank Cathedral, these complex hosts occasional programs for Christian compatriots.     

Other’s opinions about Vank church

Jane Dieulafory writes in her itinerary with the title of “Ayam, Kalade and Shoush”, about the Vank Cathedral:

“this house of worship is made in the form of Greek cross and has a tall dome that as a rule, takes light from the eight windows.

The canals that were located among these windows are decorated with small models in the blue background with golden foliage that have salience and radiance.

The walls are covered with Tooran, old testament sign- boards and the work of Italian priests”.

Jean Chardin also writes about the existential philosophy of frescoes of Vank Church:

“a person which was an Armenian, Julfaian wealthy merchant, named Avdick that had traveled to Italy, believed that picturing and engraving a church has a great reward in the sight of God and a church which is decorated with pictures, is being ingratiated by God.

After He returned to Jolfa, annoyed the caliphs and priests to let him paint the cathedral. This cathedral-like other Armenian church was simple and just the picture of Hazrat Maryam Ozra with a child in her hug was put above the altar. 

The paintings of Vank Cathedral

The paintings of Vank Cathedral and decoration of the interior walls of this cathedral were done after the 17th century by the architecture group of Vank Cathedral.

Previously, the cathedral making was done in a way that the exterior walls were decorated with carvings, and the interior walls were left unadorned and without any decorations.

The Armenian artists of Isfahan, who were affected by Armenian and Iranian art and also inspired by European styles and especially Italian, draw very beautiful paintings with the subjects adopted from the Holy Bible on the wall of Isfahan’s churches. 

The fame of some of these artists in their lifetime was also reached outside the borders of Iran and this issue caused that in the 1667 A.D.,

Aso Azador, the master painter, was invited to Moscow the painting the walls of Kremlin Palace and worked for 30 years in this city.

All of the walls, false arches, Dome collar, inside the dome, and all angles of the Cathedral were painted with oils and in the style of Italian and Dutch.

Frescos also have themes of the Bible and pictures of the birth till ascent of Jesus Christ (A) can be seen on them.

At the end of the northern side of the cathedral, the biggest available signboard also remains that pictures the different floors of heaven and hell and like this signboard can be seen at the top of the western side of the Bethlehem (church) with less detail.

The other Evernote is that at the bottom of the vault of both Vank Cathedral and Church of Bethlehem, the creation of Adam and Eve is painted on the left side of Vank’s sanctuary and northwest side of Bethlehem, the sacrifice of the child of Hazrat Abraham is being pictured.  

Vank Address
Vank Address

More about Vank Church

Address: Hakim Nezami Street, Vank Cathedral Alley

The visiting hour: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (in some Armenian festivals and official holidays, the cathedral is closed)

The visiting suggested: 1 to 2 hours.  


How much is the price of Vank Cathedral’s entrance?

Currently, for every Iranian visitor, 10000 Toman and for every foreigner visitor, 50000 is considered as the entrance fee of the cathedral.

Is the possibility of visiting Vank Cathedral is provided for the public?


Which days we can visit Vank Cathedral?

Every day, except the holidays; the first day of the New Year Festival, and special occasions for Armenians, visiting to the cathedral is provided for the public.

What is the phone number of Vank Cathedral?

Is there any time limitation considered for visiting Vank Cathedral?

No, there is not any time limitation for visiting the cathedral.  


We tried to declare, what you should know about Vank Cathedral (Vank church) of Isfahan as much as possible, in a comprehensive and perfect way in this article.

Now it’s time you visit this historical, extraordinary monument and observe its indescribable beauties closely; so plan to visit this historical attraction and travel to Isfahan in an appropriate situation.

isfahan Vank churchIf you have any experience from traveling to Vank Cathedral or you think that some parts of mentioned information are incorrect or wrong,

Share it with “Isfahanamag” and other users of this magazine.

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