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Persian Sangak Bread; what is this made of?

Do you know about Persian Sangak Bread? What is Sangak Bread Made of?

Different kind of bread is highly respected in Iran. Sangak is considered the most enriched bread in Iran.

Sangak bread is common in Iran so we can call it the “national bread of Iran”.

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Let’s read more about this delicious bread.

History of bread

Bread is one of the oldest foods that is prepared with the hand of humans and its history returns to the late Stone Age.

That time, the human mixed up grain with water for the first time and by baking the obtained dough, he prepared the bread.

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Short History of Sangak bread

There isn’t clear information about how and when Sangak bread emerged in Iran.

The oldest manuscript and research that mentioned this bread is the dictionary named “Borhan Ghate” that has been written by a writer named “Khalf Tabrizi” in 1062 A.H the author wrote about the meaning of “Sangak”:

“It is a kind of bread that being baked on warm gravels.”

Also, in the almanac calendar that was printed by “Tehran Baker’s committee” in 1326 in Tehran, it is written about the history and emergence of bakery and Sangak Bread:

“King Abbas searched for a solution for the comfort of poor people and his armies that usually need immediate bread and feeding in trips;

they needed some bakers to prepare bread for soldiers in every city they reached. He requested Sheikh Bahai solve this problem; he was one of the scholars and scientists of Iran.”

Who invented the oven of Sangak Bread?

“Sheikh Bahai” advisedly invented the Sangak oven.

This invention that was planned with accuracy is so complete that after passing hundreds of years, it’s still being used in the same way; the bread that comes out of this oven is the best one.

Of course, we should consider that despite this claim coming on the calendar, the bakers and workers have other opinions about the emergence of this kind of bread that perhaps these points of view be more real and near to the truth.

Some believe that baking bread was common before the entrance of Islam to Iran and its emergence was like when one of the Sassanid kings gets sick and the doctor prescribes that bread should be prepared for the king baked on small gravel.

In the implementation of this work, they pour some gravel on the grid and light a fire beneath it; till the gravels get so warm, and then, the bread dough spreads on the trencher with hand and is put on the warm stones to bake.

In this method, the bottom part of the bread gets baked, but the upper part doesn’t;

so, they put another grid on the dough and pour fire on it to cook both sides of the bread.

This method of baking bread has evolved to turn to today’s procedure.

Also, in historical books, it was noted that when Arab soldiers came to Madaen city and saw Sangak on the bakery table, they didn’t know what it was and this became a reason for the antiquity of baking Sangak bread in Iran.

Ingredients of Sangak bread

Sangak bread is the best Iranian bread, in terms of taste, digestion, and health.

This bread is prepared from healthy and high-quality flour, pure water, and a little salt.

Leaven or yeast is added for dough rising and increasing the quality of the bread’s cooking.

In cooking this bread, we use just these three ingredients. Using baking soda in Sangak bread is being forbidden in recent years and even, and the flour of this bread should be high quality and healthy
If the wheat is infested is not suitable for making this bread.

Even different kinds of wheat that grow in different parts are effective in the quality of Sangak bread.

Seeds like sesame, nigella, or a mix of both can be poured on Sangak bread to make it delicious. In the past, the poppy seed was used, but today, it is forbidden.

Baker of Sangak bread and important tips to follow

In past times, the job of a bakery was inheritable in families and had special sanctity.

Bakers were talented in their work and do their best to produce high-quality Sangak bread.

One of the Impotent tips in baking Sangak bread is that the baker should pay special attention to the bread ingredients.

Another tip is the building of a Sangak bread oven that a talented person should build;

a person who knows everything about the baking of this bread (like bread circulation spaces).

One of the problems with bakeries is providing needed fuel for warming the oven.

Properties of Sangak bread:

  • Full of Fiber, carbohydrates, and needed vitamins
  • Treatment of constipation
  • Improving the metabolism of the body
  • Beneficial for people with hyperlipidemia
  • Beneficial for pregnant women
  • Prevents from cancer
  • prevents from diabetes
  • causes to get slim
  • increases energy
  • enhance intelligence
  • improves mood
    Which foods can be eaten with Sangak bread?
  • Abgousht (Dizi)
  • Kale Pache
  • Cheese and vegetables, etc.


What is Sangak bread made of?

Flour, water, and salt.

Can you name some of the properties of this bread?

Prevents cancer, improves mood, etc.

Which age does the history of Sangak returns to?

Late Stone Age.


According to traditional medicine resources, Sangak bread has a temperate temperament and hence, all temperament groups can use this tasty high bread. Include this bread in your diet.

Do you like Sangak bread? Which foods do you like to eat with this bread? Share your ideas with us…

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