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Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Where is the Monsieur Arakel Historical House?

“Half of World” has many fantastic places, historic houses, cafes, and hotels.

In this article, we are going to visit Monsieur Arakel Historical House; One of the places that you love it; tune on to obtain more information about it.

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Monsieur Arakel Beghzians;

the owner of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

The owner of this house means Monsieur Arakel Beghzians was born about 125 years ago in Isfahan.

He was one of the famous and so successful hotel owners of his time and had provided many services to this city;

for example, donating a gong to the holy Minas church in 1307 is considered a valuable heritage.

The last remained heritage of this Isfahani benefactor is his house that serves people as a Café- restaurant.

Jolfa region and its famous Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Jolfa neighborhood is the region which Armenian are settling in Isfahan.

In this neighborhood, there are many restaurants, but Monsieur Arakel Historical House and Café- the restaurant has historical antiquity.

If you want to travel to one of the western countries, but you don’t have enough time and budget, it’s enough to travel to Isfahan and visit Jolfa neighborhood.

Jolfa neighborhood with its architecture and ancient, pretty and intact structure is to one of the most famous and also the most important neighborhoods of Isfahan.

Isfahan Jolfa was the living place of the Christians of the city with any tendency, mean protestant, orthodox and catholic.

More about Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Some believe that the proper pronunciation of the restaurant’s name is “Monsieur Orakel” but on the entrance door of this historical house, the name of “Arakel” is clearly read.

When you enter Monsieur Arakel Historical House, an Armenian old man with his sweet accent says welcome to you.

The interior space of this place is designed and arranged in such a pretty way that getting over it and resting on a chair is impossible.

The whole floor of the yard and inside of the building is being carpeted with turquoise and milky tiles.

In Monsieur Arakel’s historical house, there are many different tables and chairs.

In the inside of building, you see wooden carved tables and chairs with cashmere tablecloths and in the yard, the old polish chairs with Isfahan engraving tablecloths are visible.

In a corner of the yard, there are metal comfortable chairs with white mattress and inside of the building, the dining table for eight people with comfortable blue and rouged furniture are seen.

Architecture of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

The architecture of Monsieur Arakel historical house is the same as Qajar houses and when you look at your four sides from the yard, you will see wooden sash windows with colorful glasses.

The inside of Monsieur Arakel’s house is full of shelfs and arched headboards.

All the devices used in this house, from earthen jugs to old charcoal samovars, all have the color and smell of original Iranian culture.

Beauty of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

The yard of this building with those red flowers and fountain water pool and plants and shrubs that are seen in every place of yard, are providing a very beautiful and pleasant space.

In this unique space, beside the pool of red fishes, you won’t forget the pleasant taste of the foods that are being served in this restaurant.

Menu of Monsieur Arakel Cafe- restaurant

In the part of drinks, there are different kinds of tea, hot and cold cafe, cocktail, syrup, smoothie and other natural drinks.

We suggest that don’t lose the homemade cakes of this café; the Armenian honey cake, New York cheesecake, cake of the day and Monsieur Cake are the most famous cakes of this café.

You can order kinds of Iranian and foreign foods. Appetizers includes Caesar salad, hummus and broccoli soup.

The main dishes include different kinds:

  • Kebab
  • beef steak
  • pasta
  • hamburger
  • shrimp
  • other tasty foods

that all of them are high quality and delicious. The cost of foods in Monsieur Arakel historical house and restaurant are so reasonable, due to the food quality, beautiful space and good service.

Address and facilities of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

  • Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nezami Street, Sangtarash- haye Gharbi alley, between 10th and 12th alleys, Monsieur Arakel Historical House
  • Telephone: 031 -36243714
  • Capacity: up to 100 person


  • Private Room
  • Card Reader
  • Open space
  • Reservation by telephone
  • Proper for dates
  • Proper for family
  • Proper for children
  • Proper for birthday party

The geographical piston of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Monsieur Arakel Historical House is located in the Isfahan Marnan neighborhood and in the streets of Hakim Nezami and Sang Tarash-ha.

In terms of geographical position, this place in located near the centers like Saadi hospital, Toranj restaurant, Pasargad bank (the branch of Tohid-e Miyani), Nobel laboratory and Isfahan music -museum.

The nearest bus station to this place is the bus station of Sang Tarash- ha bus station, which makes it easy for the users of public transportation to access this place.

Armenian of Isfahan; the warm-hearted hosts of Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Isfahan Armenians are a group of people who are Armenian in origin and belong to the ancient Jolfa that after the big migration from Jolfa, means in the year 1605, were came to Isfahan under the command of King Abbas I. resided there.

There are 120,000 Armenians in Iran that considerable part of them are residents in Isfahan after Tehran.

Monsieur Arakel historical house has Armenian hosts who are warm-hearted, kind, and easy-going. You will have an extraordinary experience in Monsieur Arakel’s historical house.


Who was the owner of Monsieur Arakel’s historical house?

Monsieur Arakel Beghzians

Which neighborhood does the Monsieur Arakel historical house is located?

Jolfa neighborhood

Who are the hosts of Monsieur Arakel Historical House?



  • If you are looking for a place to spend half the day in Isfahan that accidentally,
  • has open and beautiful space, Monsieur Arakel Historical House is one of the best options;
  • a house that belongs to the Qajar period with the same unique architectural style as that period that will make a good memory of the trip for you.

Tasty foods and drinks of this café, beside traditional and pleasant space caused that Monsieur Arakel Historical House be in the list of many tourists for café- tour in Isfahan.

So if you like to spend time in the open space and pretty architecture of this café, don’t lose the chance.

Have you ever visited Monsieur Arakel Historical House? Did you take some photos there?

Which foods did you order? Did you were satisfied? Share your comments with us…

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