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The 10 best cafes you should try in Isfahan

Isfahan is one the most beautiful and also the most important tourist cities in Iran. This city host hundreds of thousands of internal and external tourists yearly.

There are different cafes and restaurants in this city. In this article, we are going to introduce the best cafes in Isfahan; so stay tuned.

The introduction of the best cafes in Isfahan

For selecting a great café, we should put together different parameters; For example:

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  • internal space
  • the possibility of smoking
  • parking place
  • menu variety

and the quality of services is the most important parameter that must be considered.

The selection of 10 cafés among the Isfahan cafes, was hard work.

Due to this, we got help from the customer’s views.  The most trustworthy measurement criteria of the best cafes in Isfahan is the customer’s view. Now, let’s introduce the best cafes in Isfahan:

1. Poppy Cafe Academy

Poppy Café Academy is one of the modern and best cafes in Isfahan. This café has a very elegant and modern appearance.

Most of the customers feel comfortable with their presence in such a space. Part of this café is designed in the form of a bar.

Some bar chairs are also put beside the main counter that customers can use from it.

This part of the café has a similar appearance to foreign cafes. In this café, the style of minimalism is used and there’s no news from many decorations.

Despite the simple appearance of the café, the menu is so diverse and professional and you can order different kinds of drinks and coffee.

  • Address: Isfahan, Chahar Bagh Bala Street
  • Telephone: 09101811184
  • Working hours: 10 to 24

2.Mont Academy Cafe

As it is obvious from the name of this cafe, they have been targeting the coffee in a specialized way. This café is located near the Hasht Behest, which is one of the busiest regions of Isfahan. Due to this, many customers are going back and forth in this café every day. In this cafe, each coffee has a unique taste; so you can challenge your sense of taste.

  • Address: Isfahan, Ostandari Street, prior to Hasht Behesht Boulevard, Second floor
  • Telephone: 03132241024
  • Working hours: 10 to 24

3. Box Cafe

Box coffee is one of the elegant cafes in Isfahan. This coffee is located near the residential sector of Nazhvan.

Due to this, most of the customers of this coffee are local and regular. The internal space and exterior view of this coffee are designed so elegant and pretty; so it can be a good choice for family ceremonies or dates.

The coffee box provides an open space for smoking. Finding a parking space near the cafe is perhaps a little hard; so it’s better to select the surrounding alleys for parking.

  • Address: Khayyam autobahn, an underpass of Vahid Bridge, Nazhvan residential sector, an extension of Maddi Farshadi, after Alley 17
  • Telephone: 03137737675
  • Working hours: 8 to 20

4. Hayat Cafe Restaurant

Isfahan and its old buildings! Hayat cafe restaurant is one of the most beautiful cafes in Isfahan. As you expect, the antiquity of Safavid House is returning to the period of King Abbas Safavid.

The historical complex of the Safavid house is considered one of the most beautiful spectacular places in Isfahan. Fortunately, this house is slightly damaged from the Safavid period till now.

In the open space of this building, exactly near the turquoise-coloured pool, this cafe is alive. The inner space of this cafe is very spectacular and reminds you of good times.

  • Address: Historical complex of Safavid house, Khaghani Street
  • Telephone: 09205057005
  • Working hours: 9 a.m. to 24

5. Douz Bazi Cafe

Douz Bazi Café is belongs to the board game category. In this café, you can choose between different kinds of funny games like tic- tac- toe, ludo, snakes and ladders or other ones.

This café has a very friendly and intimate atmosphere. The management of café provides a varied menu. 

  • Address: Isfahan province, Isfahan, Arg-e Jahan Nama, Darvazey-e Dollat
  • Telephone: 03132121189
  • Working hours: 9 to 20:30  

6. Namakdan Cafe

Namakdan Café is a pretty, 3 decker mansion. Namakdan mansion returns to the dark period of Zal- al Soltan reign. Now, this mansion has been rebuilt.

The architecture of Namakdan mansion is admirable and it has a big and pleasant yard. In the middle of this yard, a turquoise- colored and tiled pool can be seen.

Many of the customers fascinated by the beauty of its space. Sometimes, for escaping from nostalgia and refreshing the soul, you can visit from this café.

  • Address: Isfahan, Ostandari Street, beginning of Matbakh passage
  • Telephone: 03132247313
  • Working hours: 9 to 23

7. Dastan Cafe

All of the Isfahan’s cafes are not located in the main street. The antiquity of Dastan Café is not clear, but many of the old locals, remember it from ancient times.

In this café, metallic door with tall glasses can be seen. If you look at the table and chairs of this café, you will understand its antiquity.

In fact, Dastan café is a compilation of modern world and originality. In this café, tasty English breakfast is being served in the Rouhi dishes and tray. It has regular customers; you can go with your family.

  • Address: Isfahan, Sepah Street, Kazerouni alley
  • Telephone: 03132221842
  • Working hours: 9 to 23

8. Monsieur Arakel Historical House

Undoubtedly, Monsieur Arakel Historical House is one of the most beautiful historical houses of Isfahan. This house belongs to Qajar period; nevertheless, it has been rebuilt entirely.

The inner space of this café reminds the classic movies of Pahlavi period.

Like any other historical house, it has pleasant yard.  Even in summer, the space of this yard has several degrees of difference in comparison with the other parts of Isfahan.

  • Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nezami Street, western stonemason
  • Telephone: 03136243714
  • Working hours: 9 to 23

9. Sekans Cinema Cafe

Firstly, this café gifts a beautiful landscape toward the Khajou bride to its customers. Sekans cinema café has a pretty and big balcony.

This café has a stunning view of Zayandeh River. It is obvious from the name of this café that it has a close communication with the eighth art, means cinema.

You can order a food or drink in the space of café, lay on the chair and enjoy from watching your favorite movie.  

  • Address: Isfahan, Enghelab square, Sahel multi- theatre Cinema, second floor
  • Telephone: 03132208268
  • Working hours: 8:30 to 20:30 (Movie on screen: everyday, 21 and 23)

10. Baran Bistro Cafe

Baran Bistro Café is one of the most energetic cafes of Isfahan. This café has a very pretty, modern and young friendly appearance.

In this café, there is no news of smoke, dark space and sad music. In the design of this café, happy and light colors are used.

Even the table and chairs of it are comfortable, unique and creative. In the menu of Baran Café, you can order different kinds of drinks and foreign foods.     

  • Address: Shahin shahr, Mokhaberat Street, Sub- western 8, cultural place of Danesh and Khalaghiat, Unit 1
  • Telephone: 09017385885
  • Working hours: 8:30 to 24


1.Which games can you play in Douz Bazi Café?

 Tic- tac- toe, ludo, snakes and ladders

2.Which era does the Monsieur Arakel Historical House belongs?


3.Which parameters should take into consider in selecting the best cafes?

Internal space, parking place, menu variety, quality of services, etc.

4.Which café serves English breakfast is in the Rouhi dishes and tray?

Dastan Café


Each time that we hear the name Isfahan, our mind goes toward the visiting of Isfahan and historical attractions,

but trip to half of world doesn’t sum up in visiting from these places; café can be a good choice that you can try.

We went to the best cafes of Isfahan and get familiar with a number of the most famous and the most beautiful cafes of half of the world. Of course, Isfahan has many good and attractive cafes that can make a good experience for you.

What do you think about the list of the best cafes in Isfahan? Did you ever had the experience of presence in each of them? If so, share your personal comments. Do you know any coffee in Isfahan that is left out of this list? Introduce it to Isfahanmag

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