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Flower Garden Isfahan

One of the attractions of Isfahan is “Flower Garden Isfahan”.

Of course, Isfahan is best known for its historical, valuable monuments and exotic attractions like Naghshe Jahan and Khajoo Bridge transformed this city into one of the best tourist destinations.

However, besides famous historical works, there are other interesting attractions that can be attractive to every tourist.

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The Flower Garden of Isfahan is a rare set of different kinds of flowers and plants. In this article, we are going to read more about Flower Garden Isfahan, tune on.

Introduction of flower garden

in this era the growth of pollutant industries has endangered the environment of humans and living creatures, air pollution is the source of :

  • many breaths
  • heart and blood vessels disease

and human experiences the painful moments of alienation from nature under the gears of mechanism and industrial development, observing flower that is the symbol of beauty and elegance and presence in a melodious and green space, stimulating the loving- beauty nature of human and softens the human soul and spirit.

In this regard and in an unprecedented action, Isfahan Municipality has opened a window to the hope garden and added the beautiful complex of Flower Garden to the album of spectacular places of Isfahan in the land with an extent of 67000 square meters in the margin of Zayanderud.

Among unique features of this complex, we can refer to entertainment, educational, cultural, and investigational multiple aspects and providing various plant species that have been crystallized beside elements and coordinate style of Iran’s traditional gardens.

In designing this garden, the dry climate of the Isfahan region is being considered and water is flowing in the form of short fountains and finally, falls into the pond.

Also, the elements and peculiarities of Isfahan’s traditional architectural culture have found objective crystallization in the buildings of this garden.

With regard to the existential philosophy of the garden, based on providing kinds of flowers that are compatible with the climate conditions of Isfahan, totally, a number of 395 plant species are being planted in the different parts of the garden. 

For reducing the cost of laboring and maximum use of water and also creating a humid environment, pressurized irrigation is being used in this complex and all the surfaces that the spray irrigation is possible are being covered.

For supplying proper light and illumination of the garden at the night, long bases are also being used along with a projector for lighting in a centralized way.

Also, short bases with soft light are located in the movement paths that create a beautiful space at night.

Address and access to Flower Garden Isfahan

  • Address: Isfahan province, Isfahan, Bozorgmehr Square, beginning of Salman Farsi Street.
  • Visiting hours: 7 to 21 (Duration of the visit: between 2- 3 hours).

For access to this complex, you can use your personal car or public transportation. The nearest subway station to Flower Garden is the station of Si-O-Se Pol you should take the path by a taxi from that station to the destination.

The bus station of Bozorgmehr Bridge is located at a low distance from Flower Garden and you can reach it by a number of lines. 

Flower Garden has its unique attractions in every season, but because of flowering blooms and weather, the spring and especially the month of Ordibehest is the best time to the visit. The best hours of visiting is also morning till noon.

Spectacular places of Flower Garden:

Flower Garden has different parts that some of which include:

– Rocky Garden

The extent of rocky garden is 2500 meters and its height is 3 meters. 250 species of rocky plants are being planted in this garden.

– Fountain

This fountain is located in the eastern part of the rocky garden and from the height of 4 meters, a considerable volume of water spills into the pond. In the building of the waterfall, different river stones are being used to have a very natural effect of waterfall.

– Pond

For air conditioning and breeding of kinds of aquatic plants, in the plan, a pond garden with an area of 3500 square meters is being built in the southeast side of the garden.

– Garden Area

The total surface of garden pieces has been mowed. In the center of the garden, the designed carpet is being seen; the design is one of the original and antique patterns of Isfahan. Different kinds of flowers are being used for forming the citron, flower, and bush of carpet. Garden passages with area about 5000 square meters are being carpeted with a kind of floor covering which has unique patterns.

– Handrails around the garden

Due to the variety of flowers and plant that need special care, around the garden is being enclosed with plain handrails, green walls and kinds of fences; so that in addition preventing traffic with a form of green wall, It determines the scopes of a garden.

– Medicinal and edible plants Garden

This complex with area about 1170 square meters has 132 species of kinds of medicinal and edible plants that are existing in different parts of Iran.

– Softwoods Garden

This part has kinds of softwoods that has dedicated an area more than 2166 square meters of garden to itself and located at the end of lake. The variety of species in this complex is more than 86 species.

– Bulb crops Garden

This complex is being formed with kinds of bulb crops and it is tried to display a beautiful landscape with using a considerable number of species that are compatible with Isfahan weather. The number of species in this complex is 38 and its area is more than 740 square meters.

– Rose Garden

In a part of garden, there are little gardens considered for the planting of different kinds of rose flowers in Iran.

– Iris Species set

This set with the area about 900 square meters is also located in the eastern side of the garden and beside amphitheater and with 46 plant species, has different kinds of iris.

– Fence Complex

For separating and different pieces, fences with myrtle species and kinds of boxwood and barberry are being used that the length of operational functions in this part reaches to 1540 meters.

– Chrysanthemum Species set

This set with area about 900 square meters in the eastern side of the garden is being anticipated with 26 plant species that has different species of chrysanthemum flowers.

– Main Corridor

The main and sub- passages are being executed by using fountains with the format of 40*80 cm along with numerous jets of water that has forgiven a special beauty and freshness to the complex. The water used is being connected from the center of garden to the end of the fountains and after returning, it is flowing in the form of rotating.


1. What is the visiting hour of Isfahan garden?

7 to 21.

2. How many herbal species are there Isfahan flower garden?

395 species.

3. Can you name some of the spectacular places of Flower Garden?

Rose garden, Chrysanthemum Species set, etc.


You can gain lots of information about different plants and flowers and also you will have a unique experience of observing all these beauties. There are lots of cafes in Flower Garden that you can invite yourself to a cup of tea.

Have you ever visited Flower Garden Isfahan? Did you take some photos there? Which flowers were so attractive in your view? Did you went to a café there? Share your comments with us…

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