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Armenia Hotel Isfahan

Undoubtedly, you are being prepared for a trip and want to have a good choice in the reservation of a hotel.

Prior to the trip and after you got sure from your ticket and the certainty of your trip, select and reserve your hotel.

For a better selection, write down your priorities; then compare these priorities to the facilities of hotels.

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In this article, we are going to get familiar with the “Armenia hotel of Isfahan” which is a good choice during a trip to Isfahan; so never lose this useful information.

About Armenia Hotel Isfahan

Armenia hotel Isfahan or to be more precise, the traditional residence of Isfahan Armenia is one of the newest hotels in Isfahan.

This hotel which is located in the neighborhood of Jolfa, is in fact, a historical house with 130 years of antiquity. Armenia hotel was opened in the winter of 2018, after a period of 3 years of reconstruction and rebuilding.

If on a trip to Isfahan, you are looking to stay in an elegant and luxury hotel with sufficient facilities and at the same time, an original and traditional atmosphere, the traditional hotel of Armenia is the same place that you expect.

The initial building of Armenia Hotel was built in 1268, in the Jolfa region and in the Armenian neighborhood of Isfahan.

This hotel now with 28 rooms which are so pretty and different, along with elegant and authentic architecture and decoration is being receptive to tourists that selected Isfahan as their travel destination.

Nearness Of Armenia hotel Isfahan with Vank Cathedral and good reach of it to the tourist attractions of Isfahan like

  • the music museum
  • Si-O -Se Pol Bridge
  • Khajoo Bridge
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace
  • Naghshe Jahan Square

are the big advantage of this hotel.

Each of the 28 rooms of the Armenia Hotel is being provided to the guest with its unique name and features.

  • Single rooms of “Armenia” and “Irvan”,
  • twin room of “Armenia” with double beds with balcony and without it,
  • twin room of “Isfahan” with double bed
  • triple room of “Haik” and Alcove
  • five-person rooms of “Jolfa”

are types of rooms in the Armenia hotel of Isfahan.

The cost of rooms in the Armenia hotel is proper and reasonable, due to the new-built being of the hotel and the facilities and services that it provides in its very attractive space.

However, It has a higher rate in comparison with other traditional hotels in Isfahan.

The facilities of this hotel are at a good level, in comparison with other hotels. Free breakfast, free minibar, internet, restaurant, city tour, laundry services, parking and etc. are only a part of the good facilities of Armenia hotel.

Rules and regulations of the Armenia hotel Isfahan:

  • The cost of the residence for children below 2 is free. Between 2 and 12 in the case of not using of service is half- price. Higher than 12 years is considered the additional person.
  • The reception of women is only possible by providing National Card and pictorial ID.
  • The reception of a valid concubine- letter with embossed is possible by providing of National Card and pictorial ID of the couple.
  • The guests should notice that smoking is forbidden in the rooms of this hotel. Smoking in the area is permissible.

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Facilities of the Armenia hotel:

  • Internet: wireless
  • Outside: yard
  • Audiovisual facilities: telephone
  • Food and drink: Minibar, Café shop. Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Services:
    • housework
    • 24 hours reception,
    • ticketing services,
    • photocopy
    • print devise,
    • shoe polish
    • suitcase room
    • monetary sweep transfer
  • Usable languages: English
  • Bedroom facilities: Drawer
  • Special facilities: City tour
  • Room facilities: refrigerator, internal telephone, WC (sitting toilet), bathroom
  • Public amenities: elevator, air conditioning, safe deposit box

Armenia Hotel of Isfahan doesn’t have these facilities:

  • TV
  • Satellite
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Suite
  • Lobby
  • Airport transfer
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shop
  • Billiard

The distance of Armenia hotel Isfahan to some important places of Isfahan city:

  • Distance to Naghshe Jahan Square: 4.4 Km
  • to Isfahan city Bazaar: 4.4 Km
  • to Ali Qapu Palace: 4.4 Km
  • to Si-O-Se Pol Bridge: 2 Km
  • to Hasht Behesht Palace: 3.3 km
  • to International Exhibition: 8.6 km
  • to Vank Cathedral: 140 M
  • to Beit Al-Lahm church: 180 M
  • to Khan Gostar Restaurant: 190 M
  • to Parandegan garden: 6.7 Km
  • to the Airport of Isfahan city; 33 Km
  • to Music Museum: 400 M
  • to Chehel Sotoun Palace: 4.2 Km
  • to Angurestan-e Malek: 5.1 Km
  • to a historical bath of Ali Gholi Agha: 4.8 km
  • to Monar Jonban: 10 Km
  • to Seffeh Mount: 9.5 Km
  • to Grand Mosque: 7.6 Km
  • to Atashgah Mount: 13 Km

The address of the Armenia Hotel:

Isfahan, Nazar Miyani Street, Vank Cathedral Alley, Jolfa Alley, No. 6 to 9


1. How many kilometers is the distance between Armenia Hotel with Ali Qapu Palace?

4.4 Km

2. Can you name some of the services of the Hotel?

24 hours reception, ticketing services, suitcase room, monetary sweep transfer, etc.

3. How much is the cost of the residence for children below 2?

It’s free.


One of the best cities in Iran that you can select for travel is Isfahan. In the past, Isfahan was the capital of King Abbas Safavid and now, is one of the biggest cities in Iran.

Isfahan has many hotels; from 5-star hotels to cheap hotels. Most of the famous hotels of Isfahan city are located near the main tourist places; Armenia Hotel Isfahan is one of these that brings an enjoyable experience for you. 

hotel Did you ever reside in the Armenia Hotel of Isfahan? What was your experience of residence in this hotel? Which facilities of this hotel satisfied you? Write your views for us…

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