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Where is the Khara Desert of Isfahan? (Varzaneh)

Khara Desert is located near Isfahan. For having a joyful holiday in this season of the year, our suggestion for you is to travel to Khara Desert or Varzaneh Desert.

For travelling to this desert, you should travel to “Half of World”, which means Isfahan. Khara desert is located at a distance of 100 km east of Isfahan.

Of course, you can go to Isfahan along this trip and visit its historical and natural monuments, but if your only destination is the desert, you should pass from this city.

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In this article, we will read more about the Khara desert; Tune on.

Where is Khara Desert of Isfahan?

Khara Desert of Isfahan has located a distance of 1500 km from the west of Yazd.

Khara desert ends to Gavkhouni Pond from the east side, from north to the Varzaneh division and Zayanderood, from south to Hassan Abad, and from west to the axis of Hassan Abad to Varzaneh.

This desert with northern- southern extent is covered with sandy hills.

The length of this region from the margin of Zayanderood and starting of the sandy region to the end of it, in the southwest of Gavkhouni pond, is about 45 km and its width in the northern region is equal to 36 km.

the width of this region is decreasing to the south side; as far as in the southern regions, this width reaches 500 m.

Khara desert is in the form of the oval in the northern part and its environment is surrounded by high sandy hills. The height of these hills is drastically declined in the inside area of this oval.

In the southern part, the Khara desert is turning into two sandy parapets of southern and northern among these two parapets, there is alkali calcareous soil.

These two parapets in the west are connected around the southwest of Gavkhouni pond and make one wall with a north-south side.

The different forms of hills in the Khara desert are a unique example among the deserts of the whole country. The extent of the sabulous Khara desert is reaching about 17000 hectares.

Beauties of Khara desert

Reaching the Khara desert, the extent of it will attract the eyes of every tourist. Observing the north part of this desert which is located in the oval form and captured by high sandy hills is so pretty.

Different winds that are flowing in this region caused the sandy hills of this desert to have different forms like linear, crescent, and pyramids.

On other hand, the tourists can dedicate part of their trip to observing and differentiating the vegetation of this desert that is related to the plants that have the growth condition in the sand and desert region.

Vegetation is mainly the haloxylon and calligonum comosum shrubs.

The calm and silence of desert nights, along with the landscape of soft and starry sky has an endless joy for visitors.

In addition to the indescribable beauties and wilderness of the desert, you can have desert touring in the sabulous and deserts of this region.

Also, by using special entertainment facilities of Varzaneh desert which is located near Khara desert, you can complete the joy of desert-dwelling and walk on the sandy hills with the entertainment experience and joy in a modern way.

Existence of animals in the Khara desert
The disappointing point that we should not avoid saying, is related to the animals of this region.

In the previous years, this desert was so rich and considerable in terms of fauna, but unfortunately today many of them are disappeared due to the drying of the Gavkhouni pond and indiscriminate hunting.

We wish a day comes when everyone understands the fact that indiscriminate hunting hurts the nature cycle.

Currently, animals like:

  • jackal
  • vulpes rueppelli
  • jaculus
  • hawk
  • desert cat
  • asp
  • adder
  • viper
  • desert buzzard
  • diadem snake
  • kinds of Scorpio
  • rabbit
  • desert hedgehogs

are being observed in this region that seeing them will be attractive for many tourists.

Undoubtedly, such a journey with abundant natural attractions will be so interesting.

Accessing to Khara Desert

The path from Isfahan to the Khara desert includes a sabulous in the eastern margin of Hassan Abad axis to Varzaneh.

So, from 5 Km to the south of Varzaneh to Hassan Abad, you can access the west sabulous regions of this desert.

Accessing to eastern sabulous of Isfahan is possible with off-road cars and bypassing through sands or from Varzaneh city, we can continue the southern margin of Zayanderud to reach the eastern margin of this region.

Khara desert took its name from a village named “Khara” in the southern margin.

The path of Isfahan to the Khara desert is possible by using the personal car on the eastern margin of the Hassan Abad axis to Varzaneh.

Other paths to reach the Desert from Isfahan are accessible by cars with high differential or off-road cars.

For reaching this desert, if you don’t have enough acquaintance with this region, surely use the guidance of local people.

Is Khara desert that “Varzaneh desert”?

The total region of the eastern part of Isfahan and the central part of Iran are known as “Khara desert”.

Today, this desert is separated into two parts of Varzaneh desert and the part of Khara desert.

A part known as the desert is located near the Khara village and 30 km farther than Khara. Varzaneh desert hasn’t any facilities and its sands don’t very welcome.

The reason is that because the Khara part is located at the end of the desert, it has weak hills and is not sufficient for doing desert entertainment.

So, Khara is the name of a desert that is located in the desert region of Varzaneh, but usually, it is being called “Khara desert” it’s wrong.

The desert and its sabulous are located under the complex of desert regions, so using the title of “Khara desert” is proper for this region.

When is the best time to travel to the Khara desert?

Considering the kind of weather and climate of the deserts, the end of Shahrivar is the best time to travel to the Khara desert.

From the end of Shahrivar until the middle of autumn, many tours visit this region yearly and spend nights in the heart of the desert.

Entertainments that can experience in Desert:

  • Walking
  • Camel- riding
  • Sand- riding
  • Four-wheel motor- riding
  • Zipline
  • Buggy riding
  • Paragliding
  • Off-road- riding (SUV)


Which village does Khara village take its name from?

Khara village

Which entertainment can you experience in the Khara desert?

Off-road- riding, camel- riding, etc.

When is the best time to travel to Khara desert?

the end of Shahrivar.


Observing the sunset and sunrise in the desert is bringing a unique and different experience; the sense that you will have when sunrise and sunset are indescribable.

Please consider that your phone doesn’t signal there, so inform your friends and relatives that you wouldn’t be available for a while.

Try to put your phone in the bubble to not be harmed in the sands.

Khara DesertHave you ever visited Khara Desert? What kind of entertainment did you experience there?

Did you spend a night in the Varzaneh desert? Share your comments with Isfahanmag

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