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Introducing Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel contains several kinds of suites and rooms, and each of them includes items. From traditional rooms to its departments, we addressed to each case with details.    

Abbasi Hotel

Regarding Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, we must tell you that it is the oldest hotel in the world. This issue has been registered in UNESCO and is of interest to many foreign tourists. Isfahan Abbasi Hotel dates back to 400 years ago. This has made tourists curious and books this hotel in Isfahan.

 In a report in March 2017, CNN introduced the Abbasi Hotel as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East.

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 Shah Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan during the Safavid period in 1128 is called the inn of the Shah’s mother. Abbasi Caravanserai was renovated in 1336 and became the current hotel in 1345.

The hotel has 231 rooms, suites, and apartments. The hotel rooms are located around the courtyard and the turquoise pool and face the courtyard, terrace, and windows. 

Reservation features of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan include being in the heart of the city, aristocracy to most of the historical attractions of Isfahan, being equipped with the best services and amenities, and experiencing historical accommodation in a tourist attraction.

 If Isfahan is half of the world, perhaps for this description of this hotel, we can say that the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is 5 stars and in terms of the beauty of its historical building with mirrored ceilings and walls and plasters that show the originality of Iranian architecture, half Is the world.

The story began when Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid ordered the construction of a caravanserai in the Safavid style. Since the buildings of Isfahan were built at the peak of beauty during the Safavid period, this hotel is one of the Safavid buildings that was presented to the mother of Shah Sultan.

If you choose this 5-star hotel to stay in, know that you are stepping into a hotel that was a Safavid caravanserai about 300 years ago.

5 stars hotel in Isfahan

 Distance of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan to the city center and the sights of Isfahan

If you want to stay in a hotel in Isfahan, which is close to all kinds of sights of Isfahan and whenever you want, to reach one of the sights of Isfahan, the beautiful Abbasi Hotel is definitely a good choice.

From here, if you plan to go to the Aali Qapo palace, you will be less than 5 minutes away by car. The hotel is also a short distance from the transport centers and passenger terminals, which means you will reach the Kaveh terminal in just 20 minutes.

If you want to travel by air, you will reach Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport in 40 minutes. Thirty-three beautiful bridges are ready to caress your eyes.

With a short walk from the hotel, you can rejuvenate with this old and famous attraction. The hotel is located in a position that makes it easy to access even on foot to the sights of Isfahan.

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If you are ready to go to this hotel for a desert tour, you can relax at night and reach the beautiful desert of Egypt within 4 hours the next day. If you stay in this hotel, you need less than 5 minutes to reach the famous and beautiful Palace of the Eight Behesht.

There is no way to Naghsh Jahan Square and 33 bridges, and a 20-minute walk is required. If you have your own car with you, you need less than 12 minutes to reach the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan and you are 20 minutes away from the Minarjanban building. It is a 15-minute walk and a 5-minute drive to the Aali Qapo mansion. It takes 38 minutes to drive to Isfahan International Airport.


Services and facilities of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

This hotel is one of those hotels where you do not want to leave the room to go outside. The hotel itself is a historical monument that you must visit and enjoy. Among the features that have made this hotel a 5-star hotel, in addition to its beautiful architecture and building, one of its locations is for access to other historical buildings such as 33 bridges the Palace of Eight Behesht, and other buildings.

Other facilities of this hotel such as restaurant, coffee shop, traditional dining room, library, hairdresser, shopping complex, swimming pool (which of course you have to buy a ticket separately), extremely eye-catching multipurpose halls and…. Of course, each of the restaurants, with its own characteristics, is no less than a tourist attraction.

For example, you can watch the original art of the Safavids and Qajar dynasty in the Chehel Soton restaurant of this hotel and enjoy the traditional dishes of Isfahan. As a result, your soul and body are nourished together.

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel Sports Club

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel Sports Club

The complex has a sports complex including a swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, massage services as well as a children’s pool. There is also a special buffet that makes it easier for athletes to buy food. The hotel’s pool rates are different for resident guests and other services, and services are provided for resident guests with a 50% discount (Women’s shift every day from 8 am to 2 pm, men’s shift every day from 4 pm to 10 pm) If you want to use the pool of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, you can apply for a one-year, nine-month, six-month and three-month membership card. Membership cards will be awarded a free parking card.


Abbasi Hotel has two parking lots. The open car park has a capacity of 51 cars and the covered car park supports a suitable space for 137 cars.

Hotel water Collection

One of the important characteristics for any hotel to get a star is its water complex. Therefore, Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan has a complete set of water entertainment. The water complex of this Isfahan hotel includes a swimming pool, massage parlor, Jacuzzi, and sauna. The hotel’s massage parlor is equipped with skilled masseurs to relieve the daily fatigue of the guest. The hotel’s sauna and jacuzzi are modernly designed and great for joint pain and skin rejuvenation.

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel Restaurant

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel Restaurant

Chehel stoon Restaurant: Chehelston Restaurant is literally unique. The paintings on the walls belong to the Safavid and Qajar periods. Dariush design chairs inspired by ` stone designs, wall and ceiling art, columns, fences and floors, doors and glass, and even ceiling lights and pendants, each, in turn, a unique beauty They have given the general atmosphere of Chehelstoon restaurant. This restaurant has a capacity of about 400 people on two floors. This restaurant serves a variety of high-quality Persian, French, seafood, and desserts. The restaurant is open from noon to 3 pm and at night from 7 pm to 11 pm with live music.

Chehel Sotoon Restaurant is the main restaurant of the hotel. The walls of the hotel restaurant are decorated with beautiful and exquisite paintings.

Perspective Restaurant:

The Perspective restaurant is located at the highest point of the Abbasi Guest House and, as its name suggests, has a wide view of different parts of Isfahan. Watching this 360-degree image of the spectacular city of Isfahan has invited many people to the hotel restaurant. The capacity of this restaurant is 250 people and it is suitable for all kinds of parties and gatherings.

The traditional inn of the Caravansary

It is one of the most cozy and quiet parts of the hotel. In the traditional dining room, you can see a variety of traditional dishes on the menu. Halim eggplant, eggplant curd, Mirza Ghasemi, broth, etc. are among these foods. The traditional atmosphere with live music will create pure moments for you.

The separation of traditional restaurants and cafes shows the intelligence of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan. In one way, there is a garden restaurant in one part and a traditional cafe in the other part. The distance of the traditional cafe from the garden restaurant means that the hookah smoke does not disturb other guests staying in this hotel.

Facilities of Abbasi Hotel

In terms of facilities, this hotel in Isfahan is very high and has several reception halls, swimming pools, water parks, etc. In the following titles, we will describe more facilities of this hotel.

Abbasi Hotel Halls

This hotel has magnificent halls and halls. This is the reason why a luxury ceremony is held. The main hall of Shah Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is called Abbasi Hall. In the architecture of the ceiling and walls of this beautiful hall, art, Capri, and porcelain layer have been used. The patterns and drawings that are intricate and uniform, have given special beauty to the space of Abbasi Hall, this special architecture is the result of the fingers of Isfahani artists.

It should be noted that these designs are used with a coating of gold leaf. This has led to the unparalleled splendor of the Shah Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan. The Abbasi Hall accommodates 550 guests and holds important national ceremonies, so many important personalities from around the world resided there. These foreign guests include the Philippine Foreign Minister and EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton.

Mirror Hall and Turquoise Hall

Another beautiful and magnificent hall of the hotel is called the Hall of Mirrors. The name of this hall is due to the small and beautiful mirrors used on the ceiling. These beautiful and magnificent halls have been built with the use of skilled masters and artistic mirrors.

The name of this hall is turquoise because turquoise tiles have been used in its façade. The design of this hall is such that sheets of gold with turquoise tiles are visible. Turquoise hall has an interesting point. Because at first glance, you would think that wallpaper would cover this wall. But after touching, you will discover this delicate art that gold and turquoise are mixed together. The art of Capri can be seen in all the halls of this hotel in Isfahan.

Abbasi Hotel Store

Having a store in any hotel can save guests’ time. Therefore, tourists are encouraged to consider Shah Abbasi Hotel to book a hotel in Isfahan. Because there is a very large store in the mentioned place that meets all the needs of the guests.

In this store, there are all kinds of rhinestones, carpets, men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, bags and shoes. To buy tamarisk and sweety, you can refer to the traditional pastry booth of Shah Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan.

Rooms and suites of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Rooms and suites of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

The hotel consists of 225 rooms, surrounded by an old indigo pool and surrounding gardens. The turquoise dome of Chaharbagh school has created a beautiful landscape for you. Shah Abbasi Guest House has 9 halls, each of which has a different color and style.

The beauty of the engravings and designs used in the halls shows itself in such a way that, seeing each of them, you will be enchanted by all this beautiful architecture.

Room reservations in Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan can be divided into 4 models. Of course, keep in mind that the rooms on the first floor may be in the view of tourists who are enjoying the space in the garden, and as a result, you will not be so comfortable.

Residents of street-side rooms may be slightly distracted by street noise due to the lack of double-glazed windows. Opening and closing the doors of the rooms are done with a smart card.

.  One of the simplest models of rooms in this hotel is standard rooms, which of course have amenities. (As a result, your thoughts about the Internet, hairdryer, coffee service … are comfortable), This room starts from 5800000 thousand tomans and above.

. But if you want to use the beautiful view of the garden, which has its own beauty at night, in addition to the amenities, choose the view rooms, which is a higher level than the standard rooms. The vision starts from 8500000 Tomans.

. The campus rooms are more luxurious and have a warm and modern layout than the two rooms above that I told you about. If you choose this room, its warm atmosphere will impress you. In this room, you will have a view of the garden and you will enjoy all the amenities by booking a room in the hotel; in addition, you will relax in a luxurious space, the price range of this type of room starts from 1020,000 Tomans. The campus suites, like their rooms, have a luxurious and new layout that multiplies the old and historic atmosphere of the hotel.

Suites start from 115,000 Tomans. One of the special suites of the hotel is the campus suite. This suite has a beautiful view of the hotel garden and is ideal in terms of amenities. Tea and coffee-making facilities, bathroom, toilet, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, hairdryer, standard beds, furniture … are among the interior facilities of the hotel rooms.

If you want to spend in a space with the architecture of the Qajar period and walls with old patterns and mirrors and it is easier to say that in a royal space, Qajar suites are a good choice that the price is 1380,000 tomans and above. In the Qajar Suite of the hotel, you can use the double king-size bed, Qajar architecture, and decorations. A very special beautiful atmosphere with a view of the garden, stunning vaulted and side mirrors, attracts the eyes of every tourist.

In the Safavid Suite, you officially have the feeling of staying in the Safavid Museum to a suite from plastering and gilding and engraving of ceilings and walls, wooden vaulted, to the pleasant atmosphere and old layout of the Safavid period that have existed in these suites, holds a part of every passenger’s heartbeat. Of course, for all the beauty and features of this suite, its price is reasonable.

The Safavid Suite starts from 1900,000. One of the most special, best, and most expensive hotel suites is the Safavid suite. In this spacious suite, 2 double bedrooms have been designed, which have very high amenities.

Tea, coffee maker, bath with shower, toilet, towels, and disposable toiletries are other facilities inside the rooms. In this particular suite, the beautiful plasters from the Safavid period, delicate vaulted.

Apartments of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Abbasi Guesthouse apartments are a good option for family trips. Because they have more capacity and staying in them gives you the feeling of being at home. These apartments are two bedrooms for four people and three bedrooms for six people and they have full amenities such as TV, internet, toilet, bathroom, air conditioning, and breakfast.

How are you received at Abbasi Hotel?

The warm reception of Abbasi Hotel from its guests starts from the beginning of the morning and continues until 11 pm.

Breakfast lounge

When you enter the breakfast hall of Abbasi Hotel, it means that you have started your day with energy. In addition to beautiful architecture, leather colors, and ornate layout, this energy also comes from the varied and delicious breakfast menu.

Forty Pillars Restaurant

It does not matter if you go to Chehelstoon Restaurant for lunch or dinner; its captivating architecture and delicious cuisine remain. The menu is also varied and includes a variety of appetizers, Persian food, , seafood, and dessert.

Landscape Restaurant

Eating on the roof of Isfahan is a special pleasure when the city is under your feet. You can experience this pleasure in the landscape restaurant of Abbasi Hotel, a restaurant with a capacity of 250 people and a space that is suitable for friends, family, and work parties.

Coffee shop of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Coffee shop of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Naghshe Jahan cafeteria: The designs and arts of the Naghshe Jahan cafeteria are beautiful, lasting and of course spectacular. The arrangement of green and red chairs in this place is different from other cafes and this creates more intimacy. This coffee shop of the hotel is ready to host dear travelers from 8:00 to 23:00 with a variety of coffee, cakes, desserts, ice cream as well as pizzas, and fast food.

Traditional dining room: On the east side of the hotel garden, there is a traditional guest house dining room. The dining room dates back to 20 years ago and is now divided into indoor and outdoor. Abbasi Guesthouse dining room is ready to provide services at night from 19:00 to 23:00.

It has a traditional dining room where everything is traditional from beds and desks to architecture. If you want to have your evening or dinner in this dining room, go to the eastern end of the garden to taste the pleasant flavors and cherish the memory.

traditional tea house: If you want to go to the teahouse, in the northern part of the guest house, right in front of the door that overlooks the main foyer. There is a beautiful teahouse with tiled walls and a ceiling. In this teahouse, a variety of teas and herbal teas are served from 16:30 to 22:30.

How does Abbasi Hotel host your celebrations and ceremonies?

If you think that guests choose Abbasi Hotel only for their stay, you are sorely mistaken. Ironically, the hotel has many halls with different features and facilities for different programs.

Take a look at these halls of Abbasi Hotel:

Abbasi Hall

Abbasi Hall is the most luxurious and largest hotel hall that can accommodate 500 people.The beautiful architecture of this hall, which is made of wooden vaulted, uniform designs and gilding, has made it suitable for holding domestic and international events.

Mirror Hall

The Hall of Mirrors is full of artistic and delicate ceiling mirrors, bedding and gilding. This hall has the ability to hold various ceremonies and the type of arrangement also changes according to them, from the cinema and the U- shape to the class and reception.

Turquoise Hall

The combination of turquoise color with gold leaf in the wallpaper of this hall has brought the name of turquoise to it. Mirror work and plastering can also be seen in this hall. In addition, the type of layout of this hall, i.e., cinema, U-shape, reception and exhibition, has hosted various programs.

Marble Hall

The marble hall also has a special effect due to the delicate mirrors and marble floors. This hall is an ideal option for holding exhibitions, conferences and all kinds of celebrations.

Golden Hall

In the Golden Hall, the green-blue color of the walls and ceiling has beautified the space. This hall can also take different layouts such as classroom, cinema, U-shaped, and reception and host various programs.

Naghshe Jahan Forum

Family parties can be held in Naghsh Jahan Hall. This hall is on the ground floor of the hotel and has a capacity of 110 people.

Aali  Qapo Hall

Aali Qapo Hall is inspired by Aali Qapo Palace and although it is small, it has a unique architecture. This hall with a capacity of 20 people can be used for special ceremonial parties.

Simin Hall

Simin Hall is a desirable option for holding press conferences, seminars, and conferences due to its layout. This hall, like other hotel halls, is not without Isfahani art.

Sama Hall

Sama Hall is simple but beautiful. Depending on the type of arrangement, which includes a cinema, U-shape, and class, various meetings, conferences, and seminars can be held in this hall.

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Exterior and courtyard of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

If you are interested in art and architecture, we recommend that you visit the courtyard of Shah Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan for once. The exterior of the hotel is relatively simple and light brown with balconies with yellow railings in front of it. Next to the entrance, there are two palm trees that soar and give a different beauty to the exterior of the hotel. When tourists enter this hotel, they encounter an attractive environment.

A stream in the middle of the yard creates two separate spaces. Shah Abbasi Hotel has a very large area and seating areas around the beautiful and turquoise pools have been prepared to make the guests sitting in this space more pleasant. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful parts of the guest house is the courtyard of the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, which can be considered an example of Iranian gardens.

A mixture of water and plants, the harmony of indoor and outdoor spaces, the harmony of human handicrafts with natural phenomena, and in short, creating a relaxing atmosphere are the features of the garden of Abbasi Guest House.

The area of ​​this garden is more than 6000 square meters. Passing through the garden and its beautiful landscapes, we reach the lobby. The hotel lobby speaks of original Iranian architecture. There you can go to handicraft shops and buy your souvenirs. On the first floor, two mirrored paintings, from the very beginning, impress you with the glory of the hotel. Upstairs, the plastered and mirrored surface of the roof catches your eye.

About the price of rooms in Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, considering the facilities and comfort it provides for travelers, is one of the best 5-star hotels, the price of its rooms has started from about 800 thousand tomans and continues up to 4 million tomans. For double, Pardis and Qajar suites, prices are higher than single or double rooms.


What is the distance from Isfahan Abbasi Hotel to Imam Square?

There is only an 8-minute walk from this hotel in Isfahan to Naghsh Jahan Square or Imam Square.

Does the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan cost a lot to stay?

In this hotel in Isfahan, prices start from about 1 million tomans per night and continue until about 5 million tomans per night. Of course, these costs will change at different times.

Where is the address of this hotel?

This 400-year-old hotel is located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, at the beginning of the Amadgah.

What are the hotel facilities?

Water complex, several halls, 3 restaurants, parking, massage parlor, shop, etc. are among the hotel facilities.

What is the nearest location of this hotel?

Hasht Behesht Garden, Aali Qapu Mansion, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque, Naghsh Jahan Square, etc. are among the available places of the hotel.

Comments about Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

The best feature that is seen in the comments about the hotel from the perspective of the residents is its cleanliness and neatness. Many people have expressed satisfaction with the timely and regular cleaning of the Shah Abbasi Hotel. A common feature of the opinions of most residents has been the beauty, charm and different atmosphere of Isfahan. The architecture of this historic hotel will definitely amaze its guests.

Many people are satisfied with the great variety of breakfast menu and food of this collection. The quality of the food is high, though a little expensive. Only some people complained about the high cost of accommodation in this hotel, although others considered the opinions about the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan to be appropriate and cost-effective considering the facilities provided.

The famous saying, “The more you pay, the more you eat,” applies here. If you are going to spend, choose the most royal conditions.  The best time to go to this hotel is up to you as it retains its beauty all four seasons. but usually, spring and summer and holidays are crowded. It is best to book your desired room or suite a few months in advance. Be sure to bring your camera with you to every corner of this beautiful inn. Your photos will be memorable.

How to access:

Hotel address: Isfahan province, Isfahan, Chaharbagh Abbasi street, Amadgah street, Abbasi hotel

Phone: 031-32226010-19

The Conclusion:

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is not only one of the best and most expensive hotels in Isfahan, but also one of the best hotels in Iran. Due to the facilities and services of this hotel and the views of the hotel rooms and the traditional architecture that exists in the hotel, it will undoubtedly multiply the beauty of the trip to Isfahan for you and it will be very memorable for you.

If you have any experience of the quality of food or the behavior of the staff, write for us.
Which rooms of the hotel did you reserve? What was your criterion for selecting the Abbasi hotel?

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