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Mount Soffeh of Isfahan

Today we go to the Mount Soffeh of Isfahan (Kuh-e Soffeh) which is considered as one of the popular promenades of (isfahan)half of the world’s inhabitants. This promenade has a pleasant atmosphere and also it placed good facilities in itself.

If you have a habit of exciting games, you can go to the Isfahan mount’s funfair. So be with Isfahan mag in this different excursion at the half of the world. The mountain park of Soffeh is one of the tourist areas and attractions of Isfahan.

Mount Soffeh with a height of 2257 meters is considered as the mountain chain of Zagros and is located at the farthest end of the geographical south of Isfahan.

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This mount and the park around it is being reminded of one of the most popular tourist attractions of Isfahan and in Friday’s mourning, it is the host of a huge number of nature lovers, especially the youth.

The landscape of Isfahan city is so spectacular from the slope and top of this mountain. The canyon of “Gardeneh Bad (wind col)” is also one of the natural attractions of this region.

One of the important characteristics of Mount Soffeh (Kuh-e Soffeh) is the existence of the enormous and high rocks in the different points of it, which is suitable for professional mountaineering and the training of rock climbing.

Why Mount Soffeh of Isfahan (Kuh-e Soffeh)?

  • It is one of the most popular amusement places in Isfahan
  • It is reminded with the title of Bam-e Isfahan’s and it put a beautiful landscape of the city in front of you
  • It has good entertainment and welfare facilities in itself
  • The natural and historical attractions can be seen there
  • The existence of good entertainments like bowling and Telecabin is adding to the attractively of this promenade
  • It is one of the popular destinations for mountaineers.
The introduction of Soffeh Park

The introduction of Soffeh Park

From the past until now, Soffeh Park of the Mount has been noted as a place for the climbing of mountaineers and second as a place for excursion and amusement of tourists.

Mount Soffeh has two tops; one of them is the southern top that is a few meters higher than the northern tip, but its landscape is more beautiful than the northern top. In Soffeh, there are kinds of animal species like:

  • mongoose
  • fox
  • jackal
  • snake
  • scorpion
  • hedgehog
  • partridge
  • Teyhu
  • Gila monster
  • Capri fig
  • mountain almond.  

The location of building

The entrance to the Soffeh

The entrance to the Soffeh

Soffeh park of Isfahan has different entrances for entering the Soffeh that you can directly move to the top, through the westernmost entrance of it.

This path to the restaurant has been placed in the heart of Soffeh and has a paved path, but the remained path to the top has a dirt path.

The remarkable thing is that at the beginning of this path, there is a grass track that is so popular and a space for sitting is also located below it.

From the other entrances that are known for everyone, is the entrance that there are stony lions at the beginning of it and its floor is paved and a stream is moving on both sides of it.

The third entrance is also the entrance of Telecabin that in case, you use from this entrance, you can travel a long distance by car.

Gardaneh Bad (wind col) Soffeh

Gardaneh Bad (wind col) is a part of Soffeh that can be seen, even from afar, due to the existence of the turbine.

Gardaneh Bad (wind col) Soffeh

This path is secure for mountaineers and they can continue their way to the mountain top with peace of mind.

The reason for choosing this name for this part of Soffeh is that a valley is located along the Hezar Darreh in the south of Mount Soffeh, and the crest of that, which has 2000 meters height is called “Gardaneh Bad (wind col)”.

The interesting point is that the topographic position of this Gardaneh (col) is in a way that in the north and south of it, the heights of Mount Soffeh are overlooking the Sapahan City.

Due to the blowing of the Western- eastern winds of Isfahan, the wind flow is being centered at this point and the wind intensity of it becomes high and the turbine is moving in all seasons.

The Zoo of Soffeh

If you choose the main entrance path to Soffeh for reaching the mountaintop, you reach a small zoo at the half that there are a few animals in it, but if you have a child with yourself, visiting it is enjoyable for him/ her.

This Zoo had more affluence in the past times, but today, a few people visit it.

The entertainment of Soffeh Park

One of the entertainments that are considered for the tourists, is the Soffeh Telecabin.

Soffeh Telecabin

This Telecabin is designed in the two lines that the first line of it from the highway Soffeh’s martyrs to the Gardaneh Bad (wind col) has 1000 1000 and 850 meters length and it has 5 cabins, which one of them has the capacity for 4 people;

by using it, the possibility of visiting from Bam-e Isfahan is provided for the visitors and we can refer to the Shah Dezh Castle, the spectacular places around the city, and the canyon of Gardaneh Bad (wind col) as the visible sights.

Bam-e Isfahan

The second line of Telecabin also goes from the Gardaneh Bad (wind col) to the Shah Dezh Castle with the length of 650 meters and six middle bases that facilities like restaurant, coffee shop, funfair and the center of Isfahan Bowling with the capacity of 10 lines of the game are provided for the spending the free time of visitors in the stations of Telecabin.

The wind park of Soffeh is also one of the popular destinations for children that provided a secure space for their play.

Other than what was mentioned, there are several restaurants and dining around the bowling hall, some in the second station of Telecabin and also a restaurant on the west side of the mountain.

Other’s opinions about Mount Soffeh

Tavernier, the French tourist that had six trips to Isfahan in the period of Shah Abbas II, in a description of Mount Soffeh says:

“In the east side, there is seen a cave in the stone that the hand of nature and industry, both had participated in the creating of it. Very good spring water comes out of it and a Dervish is living there.

The facilities of Soffeh Park

There are good facilities in Soffeh Park and you can enjoy it there. About the entertainment facilities, we referred to the Telecabin, bowling, zip line and etc.

the welfare facilities that are also available at the park, include:

  • Arbour
  • WC
  • Prayer room
  • Buffet
  • Restaurant and coffee shop
  • Bench
  • Parking
Soffeh -location

The way of accessing Mount Soffeh of Isfahan

Address: Isfahan, martyrs of Soffeh’s Boulevard, Mountain resort of Soffeh

If you intend to reach to have access to the public transportation of this park, buses that move to the direction of Soffeh terminal.  

The hour and the cost of visiting from Mount Soffeh

  • The working hours: 07:00 to 01:00 forenoon.
  • The cost: the entrance to the park is free.

The information of entertainments of the Mount

  • Telecabin
    • Phone number: 031- 36759011-14         
    • interior: 112
    • Working hours:
      • Saturday to Wednesday: 16:00 to 22:00;
      • Thursday, Friday and holidays: 10:00 to 22:00
    • Price: round trip: 30000 Toman, went or returned: 18000 Toman
Bowling soffeh


  • Phone number: 031- 36759011-14    
  • interior: 118
  • Working hours:
    • Saturday to Wednesday: 15:00 to 24:00
    • Thursday, Friday and holidays: 10:00 to 24:00  

Bam-e Isfahan:

  • Phone number: 031- 36759011-14         
  • Working hours:
    • Saturday to Wednesday: 16:00 to 24:00
    • Thursday and Friday: 10:00 to 24:00  


  • Phone number: 031- 36759011-14     
  • interior: 100     
  • Working hours:
    • Saturday to Wednesday: 17:00 to 24:00;
    • Thursday, Friday and holidays: 10:00 to 24:00  

The Common questions about Mount Soffeh of Isfahan:

What is the Mount Soffeh?

Undoubtedly, Mount Soffeh of Isfahan is one of the best recreational areas of Isfahan.v This mountain with having recreation and welfare facilities, is an ideal choice for the amusement and enjoyment of you, loved ones. The people of Isfahan give the title of “Bam” to this mountain.

How many meters is Mount?

This mountain has 2257 meters in height.

Where is the Mount Soffeh of Isfahan?

Mount Soffeh is located in the south of Isfahan city, on Soffeh, in the south of the intersection of Shahid Agha Rab Parast and the martyrs of Soffeh‘s highways.


Isfahan is known with bridges, old mosques, and its attractive Naghsh-e Jahan. Today, we experienced a different trip to this region and we went to a famous promenade in this city; A place that can create different hours for you in Isfahan.

Mount Soffeh of Isfahan If you have any experience of presence in this promenade, share it with us.

Tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of this region and don’t deprive us of your memories. We are waiting for your comments, the loved ones.

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