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Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

Museums have a significant role in the strength of national, religious, and historical roots of the public.

Hence, the expansion and development of these places to achieve cultural objectives are effective by coordinating the international actions and composition of programs that have a common mode among people and museums universally.

Isfahan city which is the cradle of civilization has many beautiful and fantastic museums;

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in this article, we are going to become familiar with “Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan”; tune on.

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

the manifestation of Isfahan’s art

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is located on Ostandari Street, beside Ali Qapu palace, and near the Chehel Sotoun Garden which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Isfahan.

In the period of Safavid, a palace named “Jabeh Khaneh” was located in this place that by ruined in the Qajar period, a building named “Dar al- Hokumeh” was built on its ruins.

Contemporary Arts Museum- the palace of Isfahan was the habitat of “Masoud Mirza Zel al-Soltan”, the governor of Isfahan that the underground of this building was used for prison.

Considering the construction time of Dar al- Hokumeh, most of the buildings of the Safavid era were ruined, for building this palace, Jabeh Khane Place was just ruined.

Also, this place was used as the main building of the governorship until 25 years ago with transferring the governorship to the current place in the year 1373, it was repaired and also restored.

This museum was opened under the title of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan in the year 1373.

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is a treasury of decorative Arts Museum Isfahan that has a pleasant space.

On the north and west side of the yard, the building of the museum is in the form of chairs that with long bases and lattice windows had given double beauty to this palace.

A part of this complex is used as a gallery and the Iranian and foreign artworks are being displayed to the public.

Different parts of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

Currently, the treasure of decorative arts of Iran with a space to an area of 2600 square meters and about 1200 meters of exhibition space, including 7 continual parts has provided hundreds of artistic luxurious works.

7 part of this museum includes:

  • Calligraphy and inscription part
  • Lacquer and oil works
  • Traditional artifacts and embroidered
  • Miniature
  • Metalworks
  • Crystal, pottery, and porcelain
  • Wooden works

Calligraphy and inscription: a set of calligraphy pieces, papers, and volumes of Quran Karim, Ahadis, prayer books, and poems

Lacquer and oil work: different kinds of lacquer objects, penner, scroll place, mirror frames, and album cover.

Artifacts: examples of Safavid works till Qajar period, calicos which were made in Isfahan

Miniature: Harat, Isfahan, and Tabriz miniatures and Qajar portraits, valuable and exquisite tableau of “Chogan” (by Haj Mirza Agha Emami Esfahani).

The manager of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

The manager of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is “Mehdi Tamizi” in 1396.

The short history of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

The building of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan with an area of more than 3000 square meters is one of the remained works from the Qajar period.

It is connected to other palaces and places of Isfahan named :

  • Chehel Sotoun
  • Ashraf Hall
  • Kaj garden land
  • Chahar Hoz
  • Khorshid palace.

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is near the Chahar Bagh Street.

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan has 6 gallery for holding visual arts exhibition and treasure of maintenance of luxurious works.

The activities of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

holding an art exhibition of interior and exterior artworks

holding workshops of art and artistic sessions

Collection, creation, and reconstruction of works and displaying of them

executing different artistic letters of invitations

Meeting with prominent art professors

Holding tourist tours, specific for artists

The address of the Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

Imam Hossein Square, Ostandari Street, Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

The targets of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is active with these targets:

familiarizing people with contemporary arts

Research and in the art fields

A proper place for the society of artists

According to the manager, the most important target of the museum is communicating with international artists. That is a relationship between foreign and internal museums.

In the Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan, the objects of foreign countries is also.

Virtual Tourism

The virtual tourism of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan was debuted at the same time as international museum day.

This virtual tour is along with the programs of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan that with starting of coronavirus outbreak in the world and Iran, had included the presence of cyberspace in its working schedule.

This virtual tour causes audiences to be able to visit the building of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan, besides observing the selected works of museum treasure.

Observing the works of this museum is provided in two languages of Persian and English.

A virtual tour of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is available at the following address:

The important effect and role of museums in the national and historical identity- formation
The ex-post, ancestral epic, land of ancestors, mother tongue, tribal beliefs and traditions, national celebrities, ethnic prejudices, heritable art, and literature consists of the cultural identity of society.

Buildings, Places, regions, museums, artworks, artifacts and the like as cultural heritage, are one of the most effective identity- formation factors of society that preserving them grants stability and survival of culture.

Maintenance, strength, and introduction of cultural identity cause self-awareness and returning to yourself and it is an effective factor in coping with alienation that is one of the main problems of growing and advancing societies.
Making cultural heritage alive and paying attention to it needs recognizing and introducing this valuable heritage to the society members, especially to the young and teenager generation of the country.

Repair and maintenance of cultural works, which remained from traditions, in addition to strengthening the national and cultural identity of society members, can be the guarantor of Iranian culture survival for current and future generations.

Also, with correct policy-making and planning, we can provide the condition of attracting internal and foreign tourists that is an effective factor in the cultural and economic development of the country.


Which year did the Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan had been opened?

1373 or 1993

Which part of the museum does the valuable and exquisite tableau of “Chogan” is on display?


What is the most important target of Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan?

Communicating with international artists.


Beautiful Isfahan city has many pretty artistic works. If you want to visit a lot of works in a short time, Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan is a proper place for this.

Did you ever visit the Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan?

Which artistic works were more attractive in your opinion? Have you visited the tableau of “Chogan?

Did you ever participate in virtual tourism? Share your comments with us…

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