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Chinese restaurants in Isfahan

There are many restaurants in Isfahan city, including traditional, modern and etc., but maybe you please to find Chinese foods in these restaurants. In the following, we are introducing 4 Chinese restaurants in Isfahan:

Shab Neshin Restaurant of Isfahan

It’s the time to keep away from the Isfahan restaurants that have traditional architecture and look at the other restaurants with different decorations, that are at the same time, attractive and lovely.

Shab Neshin Restaurant is one of these restaurants that despite of the most Isfahan restaurants, has an environment with Chinese decoration and many people visit this restaurant its beautiful architecture and decoration.

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Although, in addition to decoration, Shab Neshin restaurant has delicious and high-quality foods that have been caused, it is being placed among the best restaurants in Isfahan.

shab neshin restaurant
shab neshin restaurant

When we look at Shab Neshin Restaurant from the outside, we are faced with a building, which has a Chinese architectural style, and even at the top of the restaurant’s entrance, the name “Shab Neshin” is written in the Chinese language.

When we enter the restaurant, we are faced with two environments, which are outdoor and indoor.

The indoor environment has elegant decoration and pretty chairs and tables are being put in the space.

Still, in the outdoor environment of the restaurant, in addition to flourishing and pleasant space, there have been seen many arbors with different capacities that their decoration is in Chinese architecture style.

Shab Neshin Isfahan
Shab Neshin Isfahan

But when someone refers to the Shab Neshin Restaurant for the first time, he imagines that this restaurant is Chinese and can have the experience of eating Chinese foods in Isfahan.

But with seeing the menu of the restaurant, he will surprise at why the only Chinese food that is being served in this restaurant is Fettuccine and the other foods are Irani and Isfahani.

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The address of Shab Neshin Restaurant in Isfahan

Shab Neshin Restaurant is located in the west of Isfahan.

For having access to the Shab Neshin Restaurant, you should first enter the Atashgah Boulevard and after taking a pass, which is 7.4 Kilometers, you will see the restaurant before reaching Amir Kabir Street.

Shab Neshin in isfahan

It must be said that the restaurant has private parking with sufficient capacity and even on busy days, there is a good place for parking adjacent to the restaurant.

The phone number of Shab Neshin restaurant in Isfahan: 031- 33393633

The working hours of Shab Neshin restaurant of Isfahan: every day from 11:40 to 16:30 and from 19:000 to 24:00

Celsius sushi

The first specialized center of sushi in Isfahan

  • Address: Tohid Miyani Street, Mehrdad Street, the division of Alley 3 and 5
  • Phone number: 09136006800
  • The reception hours: 17:00 to 00:00

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Fahrenheit restaurant

  • Address: Isfahan, Mir Street, the division of overpass and Nazar Intersection, between ally 14 and 16
    Telephone: +983136670000
  • The working days: Saturday to Friday
  • Working hours: 11 to 24


  • Chicken Crunchy Sushi
    Sushi’s Rice, Tempura chicken, cream cheese, sweet pepper, Oyster sauce 155 Toman
  • Sushi
    Sushi’s Rice, cream cheese, avocado, sesame, oyster sauce 186 Toman
  • Chicken roll (vegetable sushi)
    Sushi’s Rice, Nori (seaweed), avocado, carrot, cucumber, sweet pepper, green onion with walnut garnish
  • Tempura roll sushi
    Sushi’s Rice, Tempura shrimp, avocado, Dynamite sauce, oyster sauce 174 Toman
  • Philadelphia Roll Sushi
    Sushi’s Rice, salmon smoked, cream cheese, avocado, sesame, oyster sauce 188 Toman
  • Kingo
    Sushi’s Rice, filet of salmon smoked, cucumber, Nori, oyster sauce, dynamite sauce 125 Toman

Fahrenheit restaurant website: fahrenheit.menew.pw

Fresh station

  • Cafe & restaurant/ Isfahan City Center Mall No. F2-05
  • Isfahan city center, second floor
  • Reservation phone: 03136550405

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  • Veggie Sushi
    Sweet pepper, cucumber, carrot, avocado, pistachio cheese sauce
  • Crispy shrimp sushi
    Shrimp, avocado, shrimp cheese sauce
  • Salmon mint sushi
    Fish salmon, mint, cucumber, dried tomato, honey sauce
  • Salmon grill sushi
    Salmon grill, ginger, onion
  • Magic dragon sushi
    Salmon smoked, shrimp, avocado, cheese sauce, katsu fish eggs
  • Sushi ship
    Combination of sushi

Chinese restaurants in IsfahanIf you have experience eating in these restaurants, share it with us, Also, if you know other Chinese Restaurants in Isfahan, introduce us.

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