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The Constitutionalism House of Isfahan (Mashrouteh House )

If you are interested in the history of Iran and like to get familiar with one of the active centers of Constitutionalism in Iran, be with us until finishing the content of the introduction of Isfahan’s Constitutional (Mashroutheh). This house is a center that is the time of the Constitutional (Mashroutheh) revolution, the bosses of this movement were getting their important decisions here. So if you are a resident of Isfahan or a passenger and you are interested to visit the history and the old agriculture of Iran during your trip, don’t miss this article.

  • The constitutionalism house of Isfahan (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan)
  • Why visiting from the Khaneh Mashrouteh is suggested?
  • Short history
  • Architecture
  • what can you visit in the Mashrouteh?
  • How much is the suggestive expense and time for visiting from the House ?
  • What is the best season for visiting from the Constitution House of Isfahan?
  • How we can go to Khaneh Haj Aqa Nourrollah?
  • What other places that we can visit?
  • Which hotels are located near this place for residence?
  • Which restaurants and dining halls are near to this musuem?
Mashrouteh house of Isfahan

The constitutionalism house of Isfahan (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan)

The Constitutionalism or Constitutional house of Isfahan that is one of the historical buildings of the Qajar’s era, had the parliament verdict of that period. because the political men, scholars and freedom seekers were gathered in this house to consult about constitutionalism and civil affairs. this historical house has a big share in the history, culture and art of Isfahan city.

In 1387, the Constitutionalism house of Isfahan or the Constitutional house of Isfahan was recorded in the national works of Iran. the constitutional and historical house of Isfahan with its elegant and eye-catching architecture has two alcoves that in the northern and southern part has two inward and outward yards and 12 rooms.

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the seven-door room that is in this building, has glass decorations from both sides. glass decorations are stood on the seven bales that called “Orsi” and in the time of the radiation of the sun’s light, pretty and attractive environment in the rooms will create.

Mashrouteh house of Isfahan

Why visiting from the Mashrouteh house of Isfahan is suggested?

The constitutionalism house of Isfahan is reckoning among one of the national works of Iran.

This house is like a bridge that connects the mindset of freedom seekers to the today and future generation.

Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan is one of the lesser-known historical houses of Isfahan, that’s why it is usually not crowded.

The Short history

The short history of the constitutional house of Isfahan is considered from its construction time until now.

the short history of the constitutional house of Isfahan ( Khaneh Mashrouteh) at the beginning of its construction is related to the Qajar era and was belonged to “Mohammad Taghi Razi Isfahani” that after his death, it had been achieved to its son named “Haj agha Nourallah Isfani”.

Mohammad Taghi Razi Isfahani

after years, means after the Islamic revolution, this house was bought by the municipality of Isfahan and got rebuilt and repaired. “Sheikh Razi Isfani” was the first owner of this house that had an important role in the government and politics of Isfahan city.

many of the meetings and gatherings that were held in this house, were determined the future of political and social decisions of the Isfahan city in its period.

The short history of the constitutional house of Isfahan Khaneh Haj Aqa Nourrollah is considered in this regard that its owners were lived in one of the most important periods of Iran in terms of social and political and also created its architecture based on their taste and knowledge of their time, meaning in the era of Qajar.

in fact, this beautiful historical house somehow has historical memory that with the studying the biography owners of the constitutional house of Isfahan, we find out about this matter more.

after the revolution, the municipality of Isfahan bought the constitutional house and began its repairing programs. finally, some part of this house turned to the museum, and visiting from this place is free for the public. 

Mashrouteh house of Isfahan

The architecture Khaneh Mashrouteh

Khaneh Mashrouteh in terms of architecture and the art of its masters in the eye-catching and conquer the hearts, is like other famous historical houses of Isfahan city.

the glass decorations of five bales of horses, masterly plastering, precious doors, and the sugar and milk drawings have a big role in the beauty and eye- catchiness of this house.

this house has 2 alcoves,2 internal and external yards and also 12 rooms. if you look at the pictures of the House most of all you attract to its light dance of the colorful glasses that made the internal of the house like a variously-colored and different world.

What can you visit in (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan)?

What can you visit in (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan)?

The most beautiful part of this house is the 7 door room of it, the room that has glass decorations from both sides and the radiation of the sun’s light shows the true attraction of it.

this part of the house attracts every visitor to Isfahan for capturing some pretty pictures. the niche rooms of this house and its old decorations transfer a nostalgic mood. the hall of this house has also plastering decorations and milk and sugar drawings that have an attraction for those who like the art and architecture.

The constitutional house is known as a museum because of its historical, cultural, and political importance and it can be said that this museum is allocated to the constitutionalism period.

When you go to the inside of the constitutional house (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan), you can see 12 rooms, two internal and external yards, and two alcoves on the northern and southern sides.

Mashrouteh house of Isfahan

the seven-door room that has just been used for the hot season of the year, has pretty glass decorations that create a fantastic space with the radiation of the sunlight. the hall is ornated with masterly plastering and stunning drawings and had got a special effect. all of these paintings are drawn with the style of sugar and milk and this style gave them an outstanding appearance.

In this house, there were 5 and 7 vale’s orses that were the place of official meetings and on the walls of them, beautiful paintings were drawn.

the Constitutional house of Isfahan (Mashrouteh house of Isfahan) like the house of Tabriz is a place for gathering the freedom seekers and liberals of Isfahan. once upon a time, the freedom seekers of this land came to this house to talk and think alike about constitutional, the city issues, and law.

surely, visiting from the house that passed many historical events is interesting and nostalgic. you can walk into this house and by watching the pictures and reading the documents that are there, find out the intent and the way of freedom seekers.

In some parts of this museum, you can see maquettes of the active priests in the constitutional period and the history of this period will come as a true image in front of your eyes. this house consists of two parts of “the museum of the constitutional house” and one part of “scientific and cultural” that in this part, different conferences are being held.

The Constitutional house that once upon a time was the house of the leader of the constitutional revolution in the Isfahan, was later being bought by the municipality of the Isfahan and got repaired. the house was opened in 1387 after the repair so that people understand Iran’s constitutional period better by visiting it.

Mashrouteh house

The museum of the Khaneh Mashrouteh:

in fact, the Khaneh Mashrooteh can be counted as one of the museums that interested people and visitors can visit for studying the history and political changes of Iran in the era of constitutional to observe a series of pictures and historical documents.

originally, the constitutional government contained the three principles of democracy, consultation, and legal positivism, so by visiting from this house you can study the documents of the constitutional period to get more familiar with the topics involved of constitutional seekers and their ideology.

the act of municipality regarding the restoration and repairing of it caused the values, devotions, and ideology of the people in the previous periods to be kept.

How much is the suggestive expense and time for visiting from this palace?

the organization of cultural heritage, sometimes limits this house’s visiting days and hours and for more protection from this house against climatic conditions, that’s why you should call the public relations sector of this building before the referral and become sure of the visiting hours. also, visiting the different parts of the house of Isfahan only takes one hour and is free. 

What is the best season for visiting from Museum?

What is the best season for visiting from Museum?

The seasons of spring and autumn are the best time for traveling to the Isfahan and visit from historical buildings like the Khaneh Haj Aqa Nourrollah, but you should consider that the main attraction of this building is for the reflection of sunlight from the back of colorful glasses of its Orsies, so you should visit this house in the sunny days.  

How we can go to the Mashrouteh house of Isfahan?

This museum is located on the southern side of Naghshe Jahan square” and near the “Neshaat” street. if you visit this place in your personal car, go from Farshadi street to the Maghsoud Beik alley and from there, follow the signposts of the Constitution House of Isfahan.

if you know the Hasan Abad market of Isfahan, you have easier accessibility to the building. just turn to the Shabnam alley after the religious Islamic school of Imam Ali.  

Constitutionalism house of Isfahan

The number of the Mashrouteh house of Isfahan:

For contact , you can call with this number: 03132212556

The interested visitors can visit the Constitutionalism house of Isfahan, every day from 8 to 14 and 16 to 20. the location of Mashrouteh house is in the Isfahan and placement of it in the center of Isfahan caused the ease of accessibility to this place.

What are the other places that we can visit?

  • Hasan Abad market: 500 meter
  • traditional house of Motamedi: 800 m
  • Ali Qapu place: 1.2 km
  • Naghshe Jahan square: 1.3 km
  • The eight heaven castle: 1.6 km

Which hotels are located near there?

  • Sepahan hotel: 450 m
  • eight heaven hotel: 850 m
  • Star hotel: 1 km
  • safavi hotel: 1.2 km
  • Partikan hotel: 1.3 km

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Which restaurants and dining halls are near Khaneh Mashrouteh?

  • secretary castle restaurant: 200 m
  • north of city restaurant: 230 m
  • traditional khan restaurant: 350 m
  • komajdoun restaurant: 400 m
What is the best season for visiting from Museum?

The Conclusion:

The historical houses of Isfahan are only a corner of the spectaculars of this city that visiting all of them needs more than one day.

Unfortunately, the historical houses of Isfahan are not well known, equable as mosques, mansions, and bridges of this city, but in this, the historical constitutional (Mashroutheh) house possess more fame in comparison with other historic houses of this city and many visitors, observe it during their trip;

But why we should visit this place?

Despite the beauty of the building of the house and the unique architecture that it has, here is a place of gathering of Isfahani Constitutionalists on that period and maybe it is interesting for you that tread in a house that in the time of constitutionalism period, is the place of commuting the famous and important people.

If you visited the constitutional (Mashroutheh) house of Isfahan, which part of it impressed you more?

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