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Isfahan Food Souvenirs

Buying Isfahan food souvenirs is one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Isfahan city. If we study the history of Isfahan city, we simply recognize that we are encountering a complex and full of the mystery world.

The history of foods and cooking of Isfahan city also has just as the same complexity and antiquity. For traveling to the world of Isfahan’s delicious foods, be with us in this article.

Isfahan souvenir is famous and introduced to the whole world and Isfahan food souvenirs like Isfahan Gaz and Poolaki are so delicious. In this article, we explain the most important Isfahan food souvenirs. be with Isfahanmag.

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What is Isfahan’s food souvenir?

The number of Isfahan food souvenirs is a lot. Isfahan food souvenirs include

  • Gaz
  • rock candy (Nabat)
  • cornflakes (Bereshtouk)
  • rice cookie (Shirini Berenji)

One of the attractions of traveling to Isfahan city is an excursion in the bazaar and buying from Isfahan food souvenirs.

Isfahan Gaz

When you hear the name of Isfahan souvenirs, unconsciously remember its delicious Gaz. The production of Gaz is returning to 450 years ago and in the Safavid period.

In preparation of Gaz, it is used from

  • sugar
  • egg white
  • kinds of nuts like almond
  • pistachio
  • a slice of Egyptian willow
  • honey
  • etc

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Kinds of Isfahan Gaz:

You can buy different Gazes from the Isfahan bazaar according to your own taste.

  • Bite Gaz (Loghmei): After making the ingredients, the Gaz is being cut with a special device to the regular and uniform pieces to obtain Bite Gaz (Loghmei).
  • Flour Gaz: Gaz is being shaped in the form of small circles and then with press device, shape them in the form of square, circle or etc. this kind of Gaz is being put in the bed of flour up to the sticky surface of Gaz being covered with flour and provide longer durability for Gaz.
  • Coin- like Gaz: This kind of Gaz is so similar to the flour Gaz; but after making, it comes in the form of coins and get packed.
  • Cutting Gaz: After preparing the ingredients and before packing, Gaz is being cut with special devices, in a way that its inner nut is being clear and then pack it in a special way.
  • Gaz with chocolate layer: Gaz is being put in the layer of chocolate to sustain its moisture and its durability time is also increases. In addition to this, because of using the cocoa powder, powdered milk, and etc., a different taste is being created than a plain Gaz that has more nutritional value.
  • Screw finger Gaz: it is a very smooth Gaz that there is not any nut in it and also it is easily usable with spoon. Usually this kind of Gaz in introduced to the elders.

Isfahan Poolaki

Poolaki is the name of one of the special pastries and it is from the family of candies that in the past, it was recognized with the name of “Nabat-e Poolaki”.

This pastry is being made in the form of small, round, thin and like the metal coin, and because of this appearance, it is called “Poolaki” which means spangle-like.

The main ingredient that is used in the production of Poolaki, is the same additional and remained sap from the process of making rock candy (Nabat).

Poolaki has different tastes by adding special ingredients and different tastes like saffron, dried lime, sesame, coconut, pistachio, honey, chocolate, gingery, mint and etc.

It is interesting to know that the people of Isfahan prefer that drink their tea with Poolaki, instead of cube sugar and also believe that Poolaki has less harm, because of fewer sweets.

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Isfahan rock candy (Nabat)

Rock candy (Nabat) is also one of the Isfahan souvenirs that are supplied in two forms of woody and branch rock candy (Nabat).

For more diversity, some ingredients are being added to rock candy (Nabat) to obtain kinds of cinnamon, mint, saffron, cumin, lemon, thyme and etc.

Fereydoun Shahr Honey

Maybe few people know that the honey produced in Isfahan Fereydoun Shahr is one of the high-grade honey in the country.

Because of plant diversity and the existence of medicinal plants species and not use of fertilizers and poisons in their growing, the honey produced is so good and has remarkable quality.

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Isfahan Honeyed Sohan

Honey, butter, sugar, almond and pistachio slices, water, rosewater, and the saffron ingredients for preparing a delicious and different pastry that you can buy in Isfahan.

This pastry is available in different forms in the bazaar. Some are in the form of sheets and others have been cut out and produced in allowed covers.

Cornflakes (Bereshtook)

Cornflakes (Bereshtook) is a kind of Irani, a traditional pastry that is being cooked in different cities of the country.

According to the kind of flour that is being used for preparing it, wheat and chickpea cornflakes (Bereshtook) are being supplied and then sold.

The chick- pea or wheat flour, oil, sugar or its powder, and cardamom are the ingredients of this delicious pastry.

Cornflakes (Bereshtook) are being cut out in the form of rhombus and then, get packed.

Isfahan Fruit Alg

In the different seasons of the year and cities around Isfahan, you can go for fruits that are very famous in their kind.

The most interesting of these products is a rare fruit named Alg that is among the family of peach and is found in Natanz.

Isfahan Joz-e Ghandi

Joz-e Ghandi is the name of a local pastry that is considered one of the most expensive Irani souvenirs. This delicious pastry is supplied from Alg.

At first, the Alg is being peeled and its pyrene is separated. Then, instead of pyrene, the comminuted walnut kernels and sugar powdered is being poured, and finally, make it dry until Joz-e Ghandi gets ready.

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Rice cookie

Saffron, egg, rice flour, rosewater, and powdered sugar are the ingredients for the preparation of a delicious pastry that is cooked in many cities of Iran.

Rice cookie in Isfahan is also one of the delicious and flavorful pastries and many skilled masters are cooking it.

Isfahan Korki Pastry

Korki pastry is the name of a famous sweet of Isfahan that has many advocators with its delicious taste. Flour, wheat sprout flour, saffron, oil, powdered sugar, and cardamom are the ingredients of this delicious pastry.


With buying Isfahan souvenirs, our friends and relatives associate in our sweet memories of our trip to Isfahan city.

For buying the Isfahan food souvenir, you have many choices; from different kinds of delicious pastries and foods to the best Isfahan handicrafts souvenir that you can find rarely in Iran.

Isfahan food products are also consisting a big part of Isfahan souvenirs.

Isfahan city with its old food background, alongside the historical, political, cultural, and artistic attractions, was never portion- less from the reception of national and international tourists, and also it wouldn’t be.

So when you pass Isfahan, don’t hesitate the joy of tasting the traditional foods of Isfahan from yourself.

Frequently asked questions:

Are Isfahan souvenirs just food?

No, it includes Isfahan handicrafts like enamel- work (Mina Kari), inlaid- work (Khatam Kari) and etc.

What is the most famous Isfahan food souvenir?

Isfahan Gaz

How many types of Isfahan Gaz we have?

Bite Gaz (Loghmei), flour Gaz, Coin- like Gaz, Chocolate Gaz and etc.

What other food souvenirs do you know that are formed from the traditional culture of Isfahan and be so popular? Write for us that which Isfahan food souvenirs did you liked? Which Isfahan souvenirs did you have ever tested?

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