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Imam Ali Square

“Atigh square” or “Kohne square” are also known by the name of “Imam Ali Square”.

In fact, Imam Ali Square is the name of a square that is located in the centre of Isfahan city that is built with the regeneration of “Sabzeh square” with a Grand mosque that consists of four main spaces,

  • including the complex of the main square
  • frontage of Grand mosque
  • the complex of underpasses
  • parking and immediate parts which are around this square.

In this article, we get more information about Imam Ali square.

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Background of Imam Ali Square

In the past, the square which was called with the name of “Atigh square”, sometime was the most important square of Isfahan.

But Naghsh-e Jahan square beckoned the tradespeople and Atigh was named Kohne square.

Imam Ali square of Isfahan is still one of the most important squares in Isfahan.

Today, although it is known with the name of Kohne square or Sabze square, a day, this square with a width near twice what is seen today was the main square of Isfahan city.

According to the existing documents, Atigh square was the main square and also the original centre of Isfahan city, before the Safavid period and even in the Seljuk era.

When king Abbas builds the Imam Ali Square, this square loses all of its validity over time and most of the businesses were absorbed into the Naghsh-e Jahan square.

This subject causes the Kohneh square to get forgotten over time and also, the spaces that were once upon a time considered as the scope of the square, underwent construction.

Today, Imam Ali square is considered one of the important and busy areas of Isfahan city, because of being settled on the four main axes of Isfahan city, which means the streets of Vali Asr, Hatef, Abd-Ol Razzagh and Jameh mosque.

In Isfahan, there are also other mosques, including Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque and King Mosque and etc.

“The bazaar of coalmen” that today is known by this name, was the main core of Atigh square in the Seljuk period and today, is the people gathering centre with cash jobs, like the selling of hand-me-down and coal.

The short history of Imam Ali square

Perhaps if we assume that the building of Naghsh-e Jahan square has a negative aspect in the Isfahan city, surely that negative aspect had been related to the square,

because by building Sabzeh Square and flitting of vendors to Naghsh-e Jahan square, It lost the prosperity of previous years.

But by the investigations that were done later on the Square, despite losing almost half of its current extent, this square rejuvenated.

Imam Ali square was the most important square of Isfahan city in the Seljuk period and in fact, was known as the main and central core of this city.

  • Grand mosque
  • Nazam al-Molk dome
  • parts of Ismael shrine
  • Taj al-Molk dome
  • minaret of Imam Ali’s mosque

are the places that were built by Seljuk in this square.

The way that historical documents show, the antiquity of the Kohneh square is so much more than this and even it returns to the primary years of Muslims entrance to Iran.

It is notable that Imam Ali square was damaged due to the Mongol invasion, but later, Tribal Chief and Timurian could repair it to some extent.

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What is the suggestive cost and time of visiting Imam Ali Square?

Visiting Atigh square of Isfahan has not cost you; unless you want to buy from the vendors of the square.

Due to the high extent of the square and its pleasant atmosphere, it seems that with considering a visit of 1 to 2 hours, you can enjoy the beauties of the square.

Which is the proper season for visiting the Atigh square?

If you be a little familiar with the weather of Isfahan city, you know well that Isfahan in summer is not much cop,

But when we reach the end of September and then to the autumn and winter, Isfahan has another smack.

It is not exceptional in this principle and in the seasons of autumn and winter is more attractive than other seasons of the year.

Of course, this is not mean that visiting Imam Ali Square in the summer will be ungraceful because, in this season, the dance of the fountain inside the square is so eye-catching and spectacular.

The facilities of Kohneh Square:

  • Blacktop highway
  • Near the station of public transportation
  • W.C
  • Prayer room
  • Parking
  • Drinking fountain
  • Near eateries
  • Trash bin
  • Chairs and benches to rest
  • Buffet and buy food
  • The lighting system at night
  • Network coverage
  • Security guards

Which other places can we visit that are located near the Imam Ali square?

  • Saffeh Darvish: 1 km
  • Taj al-Molk Gonbad: 1 km
  • Imamzadeh Harouniye: 1.6 km
  • The tomb of Khaje Nezam- al Molk: 1.7 km
  • Angourestan-e Malek House: 2.7 km
  • Motamedi House (Mollabashi): 2.8 km

Which hotels are near the Sabzeh square for residents?

  • Saraye Dibayee: 1.1 km
  • Setare Hotel: 1.1 km
  • Avin Hotel: 1.2 km
  • Shervin Hotel: 1.2 km
  • Atigh traditional hotel: 1.5 km
  • Isfahan traditional hotel: 3.1 km

Which restaurants or eateries are near Imam Ali Square?

  • Atigh Traditional Restaurant: 1.4 km
  • Hamdam-ol Saltaneh Coffee Restaurant: 1.5 km
  • Mikhak Restaurant: 1.5 km
  • Naghsh-e Jahan Restaurant: 1.8 km
  • Khan traditional Restaurant: 1.9 km
  • Namakdan Coffee Restaurant: 2.9 km

The address of Imam Ali square:

Isfahan province, Isfahan city, Abdol-Al Razzagh Street, connected to the Jameh mosque of Isfahan


What are the previous names of Imam Ali square?

Atigh Square & Kohne Square

Which square had caused the Square to lose the prosperity that it had in the previous years?

Naghsh-e Jahan Square

In which era of history Atigh square was considered the most important square of Isfahan?

Atigh square was the most important square of Isfahan city in the Seljuk period and in fact, was known as the main and central core of this city.

Why today the Sabzeh square is considered one of the most important and busy areas of Isfahan city?

Because being settled in the four main axes of Isfahan city, means streets of Vali Asr, Hatef, Abod-Al Razzagh and Grand mosque.


Imam Ali square was built with the aim of prosperity in the centre of Isfahan city’s historical context. The first phase of these actions has been put into operation and other phases are being under planning and performance.

MosqueHave you ever visited Imam Ali Square? Which facilities of this square have attracted your attention? Have you ever bought something from the vendors of this square? Share your views and comments with us…

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