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Persian Bread Types

Persian Bread Types are so diverse. Bread is the most important nutrient that is used in Iran. Iranian are famous for tasty and fragrant bread.

Changes in cooking style and foods have brought other bread such as baguette and Taftoon bread to the tablecloths. The appearance of bread is now different from the past.

In this article, we are going to get familiar with Persian Bread Types.

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What is bread?

Bread is the kind of food whose base includes flour and water.

In fact, by using the method of cooking, steaming, or frying the dough that is consisted of flour and water, the bread is being prepared.

In most doughs, in addition to flour and water, salt and a nutrient is being used for the rise of bread dough.

All around the world, bread is the main meal of people.

Considering wheat includes lots of gluten that causes the bread becomes spongy and crispy, it is being used for preparing bread all around the world; but this doesn’t mean that other grains are not used for preparing bread.

In fact, that kind of grain that is being cultivated is used in breads.

For example, in the world, buckwheat flour, barley, corn, oat, or mixed with wheat flour are being used for bread production.

All around the world, bread is various according to the different nations.

Each of these bread are being cooked in different forms according to the climate of the region.

For example, in cold regions, hot seasonings like ginger or even pepper is being used in the bread’s dough, or in tropical zones, the date is used in the compound of flour or in bread’s dough.

Bread diversity in Iran

Each Iranian bread can give color to the dining tables.

There is bread for every taste and every food. Do you eat traditional foods like Abgousht and Ash? Prepare Sangak bread.

Do you eat breakfast?

Accompany butter and jam with hot Barbari bread.

For preparing dietetic foods, go for Taftoon bread and also take a half look at whole wheat hamburger bread.

Lavash Bread adapts itself to any kind of food and taste. Let’s review different types of bread:

  • Sangak Bread

Sangak Bread is the evolved form of Komaj (casserole) that tribes cook it.

They cooked the same dough of Sangak bread on the fire and stone and put it on their clothes.

Experts believe that Sangak bread is the best kind of bread. Why? Because its digestion is easy and doesn’t have any harm to the stomach and different parts of the digestive system.

Accompanying it with little and tasty seeds of sesame makes its taste more delicious.

  • Lavash Bread

Lavash is not especially for Iranian. In other countries like Armenia and Georgia, this bread is being cooked.

Historical studies and evidence show that the originality of this bread reaches our country.

If you like consumption of light bread that accompanies well with different kinds of foods, your first choice is Lavash.

  • Taftoon (Taftan) Bread

Lovers of healthy nutrition, go for Taftoon bread in their diet.

This bread is being make with whole wheat flour and has fewer salt in comparison with other breads.

Remember that whole meal flour has many benefits for body; especially for the health of your hair.

Your digestive system will remain healthy with consumption of such a bread. When you want to buy different kinds of fresh breads, pay attention to the benefits of Taftoon bread.

  • Barbari Bread

Lovely Barbari is one of the heroes of Iranian breakfast tables.

It is being said that the stem of its cook is returning to Barbar or millenniums of Afghan. In the period of Qajar, this bread was being cooked in Iranian bakeries.

Anyway, it doesn’t have any different that it’s originality returns to which country.

It’s important that consuming of it with Tabriz cheese and Iranian walnut is so tastier that any food in the world.

  • Baguette

Although baguette is not Iranian, but considering that it’s long time this bread is being cooked in Iran and has many fans, it’s becoming Iranized.

This bread has different types and forms in Iran. You can use different form of it for all of the meals.

The durability of these breads are desirable and they are a proper choice for today’s foods.

For children who don’t like to eat breakfast, different forms of baguette are more attractive than traditional ones and can encourage them to eat breakfast.

Baguette is the best option for foods like grilling pan, cutlet and hamburger.

Sandwich bread or famous French baguette that has attractive perfume and appearance is the best choice for advocators of light diet.

  • Traditional bread

These days, fewer bakeries cook traditional bread.

Existence of industrial ovens (Tanur) and modern facilities, marginalized traditional breads that were being cooked in local hot tanurs.

Still, some cities maintain their traditional bread and even in Tehran, there are bakeries that cook these breads.


Which nutrition is being used in tropical zones?


Which bread can be eaten with Tabriz cheese and Iranian walnut?

Barbari bread.

Which bread is the evolved form of Komaj?

Sangak bread.


With buying different kinds of fresh breads, you can multiply the prosperity of simple tablecloths;

It’s because of honesty and clarity of bread’s presence that causes we have tablecloths to gather together and with looking at its composition, understand the glory of changing a seed of wheat to a life- giving bit and every time after consuming food, be thankful for living on this globe.

Have you ever tried any kind of Persian breads? Which one? Did you liked its taste? Share your ideas with us…

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