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Bird Garden of Isfahan

Birds Garden of Isfahan consists of different parts and it’s located in Nazhvan Park. A large number of tourists and visitors are annually visiting from this complex, and it is a permanent destination in the program of Isfahan’s tours. Be with us to understand the reason for our visit to this pretty place.

Why choose Bird Garden of Isfahan?

  • It is one of the spectacular places of Isfahan city that it is so attractive in its own
  • It is considered as a suitable environment for the fans of bird watching
  • It has more than 130 species of bird
  • You can observe the scarce birds in this complex
  • This graden is located in the entertainment complex of Nazhvan that there are facilities and other spectacular places around it
  • It is a place for the researches of scholars.

The introduction of Bird Garden

Given that the urban life has been prevented from the presence of different birds and animals, the municipalities provided the facility that people can get familiar with the lives of different animals and birds closely with referring to the centers called “Bird Garden” or “Zoo”. One of the wonderful bird gardens of Iran is the “Bird Garden of Isfahan” that there exist more than 130 bird species and is considered a unique place for children.

Isfahan Birds Garden

The location of building

The entrance to the Bird Garden

After you prepare the ticket for the entrance to the garden, firstly, you will encounter the set of birds in the small net and after observing the smaller part of the garden, you will go to the main gate of the garden where many birds are flying freely in this part. The interior space of Bird Garden is so beautiful and unique that you can spend many hours in the different parts of it and also take memento photos.

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Different parts of the Bird Garden:

Pool’s Bird Garden

In the Bird Garden, there are 4 small and big pools that are the place for the living of wading birds like kinds of ducks, swans, and also other kinds. The biggest pool is located in the central part of the garden.

  • Rock

On the east side of the garden, there is a rock that is the place for living the mountain and desert birds. In this part, you can witness the presence of birds like Quebec and cages of birds of prey like eagles and vultures that are in a safe environment.

  • Glass caves

Given that some of the birds are not compatible with the weather od Isfahan, a special environment is considered for them in the glass caves with facilities like radiator and humidifier, the ideal condition of life is being simulated for them.

  • Iron caves

In the south of garden, there is also iron caves that birds like owl are kept there. you can also witness the presence of unique birds like pheasants.

  • Forest green space

The green space is one of the main parts of Bird Garden that many birds like peafowls move freely there and you can get near to them easily.

  • City of dwarfs

The city of dwarfs is one of the attractive and lovey parts of Bird Garden that is fascinating for both children and adults.

  • The place of big birds

Near the exit door is also the place of living the big birds like an ostrich that you can observe their living in the best possible way.

The place of big birds

The professional parts of Bird Garden:

1- The Bird Garden/ reproduction unit

In the reproduction unit, the proper condition and facilities are provided for the oviposition and incubation of birds.

2- Nutrition unit

One of the main parts of Bird Garden is the nutrition unit in this part, the nutrient needed for each bird is provided with due attention to the amount that they should consume in the day.

3- Clinic and health unit

The birds need health and clinical care like all of the living creatures that in this part, the vaccination of birds is done monthly to stay healthy toward different illnesses.

4- Quaratine unit

There are many people that are donating their poultry to the Bird Garden, but before the entrance of every bird to the garden, it gets quarantined for 14 days, the needed examinations are done on it and after that, it enters the garden.

5- Taxidermy Unit

In this part, after peeling the corpus and degreasing from the skin, and also preening, a mold in the size of a body is provided and after the skeleton, the bird’s skin has been stretching on this mold.

Where is the Bird Garden of Isfahan?

Birds Garden of Isfahan is located in the complex of Nazhvan, on the beach of Zayanderood. This location is one of the best places in the border of Zayanderood and in terms of weather, it is the most suitable place for keeping these birds.

The best option for accessing this complex is using a personal car with online taxis.

For personal access, go forward from Vahid’s bridge to the direction of Simin forked road along Nazhvan’s park. In the park, it is enough that you go forward in Olfat Street to reach the bird garden.

You should consider the crowd and traffic in the days with many tourists and also in holidays.

The visiting hours of Bird Garden of Isfahan

Bird Garden is the host of tourists on all days of the week. The working hours of the complex in the first half of the year are from 9 to 19 and in the second half of the year is from 8:30 to 16:30.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the Bird Garden of Isfahan?

Birds Garden of Isfahan is located in the complex of Nazhvan, in the beach of Zayanderood.

How much is the ticket for Bird Garden of Isfahan?

The cost of the complex’s ticket is changing on the different days of the year and usually, it sells cheaper in the winter.

What are the working hours of Bird Garden?

Bird Garden is the host of tourists on all days of the week. The working hours of the complex in the first half of the year is from 9 to 19 and in the second half of the year is from 8:30 to 16:30.


Birds Garden of Isfahan is an attractive place that the fans of bird watching, include in their plans for having a trip to Isfahan.

The photo of Bird Garden of Isfahan shows this beauty to you to a certain extent; for visiting from this complex, you can investigate the working hours of Bird Garden of Isfahan to be present there in your preferred hour.

Here is the place where observing its colorful birds will be caressing your eyes. Visiting from Bird Garden of Isfahan is a different experience in the region of half of the world.

Isfahan Birds Garden Did you have ever visited this attraction? Tell us about your experiences of traveling to Isfahan. What other attractions do you know in this city? We are waiting for your comments…

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