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Angoristan House

Angoristan House is a unique palace on the property of Isfahan, which is known by various titles such as Malek Al-Tajjar Vineyard and Malek Isfahan Vineyard.

The historical history of Angoristan House dates back to the Nader Shah Qajar period. According to some historical sources, the vineyard was taken from the people as a tax by the government during the reign of Nader Shah Qajar.

During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, the vineyard was under the control of the finance minister of Isfahan. After a while, it became the personal property of Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Malek al-Tajjar, son of Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar.

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After acknowledging ownership of the vineyard, Malik al-Tajjar took steps to change the use of the garden. One of the important uses of this garden is to install a place for mourning and condolence ceremonies.

The architecture of Angoristan Malek

According to the plan of Malek Vineyard, the parts of this extraordinary mansion garden include outer and inner courtyard, summer and winter royal residences, house pool, Zahra Khanum room, basement, dining room, tomb and so on.

If you look closely at all these parts, bedding, mirror work and tiling are common to all of them.
The columns also have very beautiful decorations from the bottom. The different parts of the architecture and the plan of the property of the merchants are as follows:

Inner courtyard

The inner courtyard with a large pond and a garden full of sycamore and mulberry trees cooled the air of the whole house.

Later, the courtyard of the mansion was altered and covered by the merchant to prepare for the celebration and wedding.

The upper floor was known as Mahtabi or Gholam Gardeh for women to sit on.

The roof of the inner courtyard of the vineyard is made of wood and with decorations known as lambeh.
Around this section, they have written beautiful poems by Mohtasham Kashani (again, what a revolt…) which shows its current use, Hosseinieh.

Winter residence is known as the Tomb

The winter kingdom of Angoristan has designed the property in the northern part in the form of a five-door room. The reason for this is that Isfahan is a desert region and the northern location of the room helped to find good warmth in winter with excellent lighting.

Summer royal residence or hall

The summer residence of the King Angoristan House is located in the middle of the garden with a very beautiful sash.

Sash windows are called Chinese-knit windows, which are mostly stained-glass windows.
With their colored windows, the sash reminds us of different seasons of the year, modulates the light, and hides the interior space from the outside.

These types of windows open and close vertically, and their color repels annoying insects.
In the courtyard of the vineyard, we see 4 rooms that are located in the upper corner.

These rooms are called earrings. The other two rooms were known as the bride and groom’s room.
In the summer royal residence, there are various tables and chairs for low-ranking and high-ranking people.

The tables and chairs are French and the chandeliers are of Italian origin, decorated with the logo of the lion and the sun.

The summer kingdom of Angoristan has divided the property into two parts with two wooden barriers to accommodate two groups of people.

The crew also entered these wooden barriers and reminded them to bow to the guests.

Ms. Zahra’s room

Zahra Khanum is the daughter of Malek al-Tajjar, who lives in this room after an unsuccessful marriage with her cousin.

Inspection and Supervision Room

Characteristic of the Isfahan Malek Vineyard Surveillance Room is the existence of 4 doors, each of which leads to important parts of the house.

The royal chamber, the slaves’ chamber, the inner chamber, and the chamber of various acts were attached to the oversight chamber.

Special rooms for inspection and supervision

Outdoor yard

The outer courtyard was for men to sit and talk during weddings and special celebrations at the time.
. The architectural style follows the famous styles of the Qajar period

The interior room known as the home pool

This room was built by order of Malik al-Tajjar to receive important but strange guests.

In fact, Malik al-Tajjar has cleverly tried to provide a different place to receive important and foreign guests, as well as to keep the family members away from the main space.

The last part of the property plan is the basement. As you probably know, in the past, there was no refrigerator like today.

So, with all the engineering and artistry, they built the basement. The basements had a very good air circulation and cool air penetrated into this space through wall tunnels.

History of Angoristan Property

Anguristan was one of the few palaces and mansions that survived the tyranny and destruction of the Zel-o-Sultan.

Zel al-Sultan was the eldest son of Nasser al-Din Shah, who, despite being older than Muzaffar al-Din Shah, did not own his father’s throne because his mother was not a Qajar.

It is not bad to know that the map of Malik Anguristan initially shows a mansion with an area of ​​7000 meters.

Unfortunately, over time, under the pretext of widening Malek Street in 1333, 3,000 meters of it were destroyed. So, it became a mansion.

The fate of the vineyard property

Malik Anguristan Mansion It is said about this building that Malik al-Tajjar had only one daughter.

The only daughter of this great man is unlucky to marry a person who does not know the value of his wife and the wealth of his father-in-law.

The daughter of the merchant king, who sees her husband’s extravagances, unfaithfulness, and gratitude, decides to save the tomb of her parents from the hands of her greedy wife, and for this reason, she dedicates this magnificent property.

Where is the exact address of the property vineyard?

Address: Sharif Vaqefi St., Malek St., Sheikh Yousef neighborhood

What are the working hours of the property vineyard?

It is possible to visit the beautiful mansion of Angoristan Malek from 9 am to 2 pm.

We recommend that you visit this mansion around noon so that you do not miss the sunlight passing through the stained glass and watching this beautiful scene.

What is the contact number of the property vineyard?

The contact number of Malek Isfahan Vineyard: is 031-32722033


Malek Isfahan Vineyard is one of the historical houses that date back to the Qajar period. The vineyard was owned by the merchant.

The house is designed based on the Qajar architectural style and has rooms for a summer residence, winter residence, backyard, inner courtyard, and outer courtyard.

What is your opinion about this interesting and historical monument?

In your opinion, how is this building and its architecture compared to other architectural works of Isfahan?

Have you ever been able to visit this house? If you can see this house, write to us about your experience in the comments section.

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