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What is Nizam al-Mulk Dome (Gonbad)?

Nizam al-Mulk Dome (Gonbad Khajeh Nezam-ol-Molk) is the most beautiful, brick dome in the world and also a valuable souvenir of the Seljuk period that attracts every passerby and tourist on the south side of the Grand Mosque.

In this article, we read more about the pretty and fantastic dome of Nizam al-Mulk.

Nizam al-Mulk Dome; The fascinating beauty

It is being said that the Nizam al- Mulk Dome with pretty decorations and the tile of its interior space is the first dome that was built in the Grand Mosque of Isfahan with the passing of time.

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In different historical periods, especially in the Safavid period, the decorations of tile and stone are being added to this space for the decoration of altars and inscriptions. 

The religious-worked inscriptions alongside ornamental patterns have doubled the beauty of the Nizam al- Mulk dome.

The glitter of light from the folds of brick windows of the building has doubled the spiritual space of different historical periods of the mosque for the tourists.

The pretty and valuable domes remained from the Seljuk period and domes like Nizam al-Mulk Dome are of this kind.

The process of the dome’s evolution continued that in the Safavid period, Isfahan was placed in the center of Iran’s kingdom strength and as architecture was reaching its peak of progress in those days, the domes were also going to their peak of perfection and beauty. 

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In the decorations of Gonbad Nezam-Ol-Molk, the tile artist of Isfahan arranged the arabesque traceries around the domes with all elegance that come in thousands of pieces of tile to achieve a consistent pattern.

In the Nizam al-Mulk Dome, the brick decorations that are the symbol of soil are given the form and shape of a brick and they are arranged in a way that points out humans to the skies and unity.

You should spend hours under the Dome and observe the angles and sides of the rotunda, multi- feathers embroideries, plant patterns, and geometries.

The Iranian artist is blown a soul in the brick decorations which are under the rotunda that imagination is alive.

In the heavenly atmosphere of Nizam Ol-Molk Dome, everything from the bottom to the top of the dome’s center are go for the unity of God. You try to get a grip and recognize that you are fascinated by the Nizam al-Mulk Dome.

Nizam al-Mulk Dome

The historical Altar (Mehrab) of Nizam al-Mulk Dome

The historical Altar (Mehrab) of Nizam al- Mulk Dome is being seen after 4 decades.

Prior to the revolution and in the years 55 and 56, some excavations were carried out under the dome of Nizam al- Mulk by an Italian delegation and they faced the initial Altar (Mehrab) of the mosque that was related to the year of 150 of Abbasi reign and because they encountered with revolution events, this group that was with the supervision of Professor Sherato and Professor Galdiri left Iran and covered this part with boards of wood and sand with the aim of protecting of it. The historical Altar (Mehrab) is now covered with transparent glass surfaces.

The geographical position of Nizam Ol-Molk

Ghonbad Nizam al-Mulk is located in Isfahan and Mostafaee Street. In terms of geographical position, it’s located near the important centers like:

  • Atigh Square of Imam Ali (Sabzeh Square)
  • Qazvinis’ House
  • Jafari Commercial Complex
  • also Grand Mosque of Isfahan
  • Beryani of Haj Mahmoud Shafaat
  • the tomb of Allame Majlesi
  • Howzak House Hostel
  • Shaykh Bahai hammam (Bath).

Architectural information about the Dome

Nizam al- Mulk Dome is the result of destruction from the 3 free directions.

In the northern, eastern, and western parts of this dome with an opening of more than 15 meters and with a height of about 30 meters was located on a cylinder that was built on the corners.

This corner connects the dome load to the octet pillars. The base of this dome is square and in the higher parts, at first, it changes to multilateral and then, to a circle.

Afterward, the building of the dome starts. The dome has two brick shells that the foreign shell covers the cracking. In fact, the outer part of the dome is cracking.

Below the dome, there is an inscription written in Kufic Script that introduces the name of “Malekshah Seljuk” and “Nizam al- Mulk” as the founder of Nizam al-Molk Dome.

The difference between the Nizam al-Mulk and with Taj al- Mulk Dome

The difference between Nizam al-Mulk Dome and with Taj al- Mulk Dome is that the shell of the Nizam ol-Molk Dome is cracky, but the Taj al-Mulk dome is integrated.

Also, Nizam al-Mulk Dome is sharper than the Taj al- Mulk dome, due to being cracky. Nizam al-Mulk Dome is the same as the dome of “The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower”.


1. Which mosque is the Nizam al- Mulk Dome that has been located there?

Grand Mosque of Isfahan

2. Which period does the Nizam al- Mulk Dome belongs to?

Seljuk Period

3. What are the brick decorations of Nizam al- Mulk Dome symbols of?



Isfahan is the city of unique domes; the city of turquoise-colored and ovate domes, the city of domes which are decorated with tile and brick that are depicting a world of elegant and rocky imaginations of Iranian art in the mosques.

Although the development of tall buildings somewhat distorted the landscape of the city of domes, again Isfahan with all these turbid developments in the city of domes and minarets.       

Have you ever visited Nizam al- Mulk Dome? Did you enjoy its beautiful patterns, unique tiling, and other fantastic features? Which feature impressed you most? Tell us about your experience…

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