Isfahan Mosque

Seyyed Mosque (Masjed Seyyed)

Seyyed Mosque is one of the great mosques and historical monuments of the Qajar period in Isfahan city.

This mosque is known by its founder name, Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti, and was built in the year of 1240 AH in the neighborhood of Bid Abad of Isfahan.

Seyyed mosque has decorations and a variety of architectural characteristics in its naves, domes, altar, porch, top of the minaret, inscription, and tiling.

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In this article, we are going to get more information about the Seyyed Mosque of Isfahan; read the following.

The reason for the mosque’s nomination to Seyyed

Seyyed Mosque of Isfahan has been nominated to the name of its founder, which means “Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti Rashti Bidabadi” (that dead in the 12360 lunars) who was famous to “Seyyed Hojjat-Al Eslam” and “Hojjat-Al Eslam-e Motlagh”.

Masjed Seyyed, Short history

Seyyed mosque was built by the effort of Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti Rashti I in the middle of the 13th century, between the years of 1240 to 1245 AH and in the land with the area of 8075 square meters in the neighbourhood of Isfahan’s Bid Abad.

It has been said that Seyyed bought the land of the Mosque in the complex that was famous to Bid Abad and commanded to cut down its willows and he prepared the primary materials for construction by the selling them.

According to the report of “the history of Isfahan and Rey” book, the data of starting its construction was in the year of 1240 AH, but in a text, the start of the Mosque’s building was in the year of 1180 AH.

Also in another report, it is told that the land of the mosque was bought in the period of King Soltan Hossein to build a mosque in it,

but it wasn’t possible because of the Afghan’s invasion until the period of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, Seyyed Shefti has done this work.

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Seyyed Mosque, Architecture and decoration

In fact, the Seyyed Mosque of Isfahan is the architectural masterpiece of the 13th century.

This mosque has :

  • two big naves
  • two big and small domes
  • two Chehel Sotoun
  • one altar
  • one font (Sangab)
  • two loggias,
  • three porch

one big crown (minaret) as a mosque and also Modarres, more than 45 chambers in the upper stair for the resistance of scholars and a number of corridors of 95 meters in length and 85 meters in width.

Two doors in the southeast and southwest and two doors that are located on the north side of the mosque connect the surrounding neighbourhoods with the mosque to each other.

Some of the decorations of the mosque are done by the son of Seyyed, which means Seyyed Asad Allah and other parts by his grandson, Seyyed Mohammad Bagher.

This mosque has been injured during the years that we can refer to the crumbling a part of the mosque’s tiling because of the explosion wave during the war between Iran and Iraq that was later rebuilt.

The exiting inscriptions in the building, like the construction of a building and its decorations are done during the years. The inscriptions of Seyyed mosque include:

  • Inscription of southeast gate
  • Inscription of southwest gate
  • Inscription of Northern gate
  • Inscription of the west porch

Among the decorations of the Seyyed mosque, we can refer to tiling and delicate plastering on some of the tiles, verses of Quran Karim and old poems that have been written in the Suls script.

Interesting decorations of arabesque fireclay, Bannai script and seven colours tiles are other beauties of this magnificent building that you don’t see an example of it anywhere else.

Each of the mosque’s naves, corridors, portals, the tomb of Hojjat al-Eslam and other parts of the mosque have been decorated with fine arts.


One of the characteristics of the Seyyed Mosque, besides its prominent architecture and luxurious building, is its building by a religious scholar.

Mirza Hossein Khan Ansari” writes in the book of “Isfahan history” that the building of grand mosques are built with various kings and this mosque is built by that king (means Seyyed Shefti).

One of the other characteristics of the mosque is the existence of a dedicated tomb of Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti Isfahani and his children on the Northeast side of the mosque that has a steel gilded shrine.

It is being said that Seyyed Shefti himself determined this place for his burial.

Why Seyyed mosque doesn’t have any minaret?

This place is a semi-constructed building and because of this, the Seyyed mosque doesn’t have any minaret.

Which important centers are located near the Seyyed Mosque?

From the Geometrical situation, Seyyed Mosque is located near the important centres like the historical bath of Ali Gholi Agha and the Bazaar of Ali Gholi Agha and also Azam Beryani and registration of region2.

When is the best time to visit from Seyyed Mosque?

Isfahan city has warm and dry weather and because of this, the summers of this city are so hot and burning.

Start your trip in the autumn which has cooler weather and also enjoy the pleasant weather of this city, alongside the beauties of Isfahan and the stunning art of Seyyed Mosque.

The Address of Seyyed Mosque

Isfahan province, Isfahan, Seyyed Mosque Street


What is the reason for nominating this mosque to “Seyyed”?

It has been nominated to the name of its founder, which means “Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti Rashti Bidabadi.

Why Seyyed mosque doesn’t have any minaret?

Because it is a semi-constructed building.

Can you name one of the features of the Seyyed Mosque?

The existence of a dedicated tomb of Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shefti Isfahani and his children in the Northeast side of mosque


Seyyed Mosque alongside grand mosques and Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque are considered the main mosques of Isfahan.

What a great person that gave moral discourses in this mosque and guided people.

Hojjat Eslam Shefti builds a calmness between hearts with this work in the neighbourhood of Bid Abad and also eliminated the chaos from the Isfahan city.

He had propounded unity and charity between people and was also educated in this mosque.

MosqueHave you ever visited the Seyyed mosque of Isfahan? Which features of the mosque’s appearance had attracted you? Would you consider it an architectural masterpiece? Tell us about your visit to Seyyed Mosque …

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